Chiron in the Houses


Chiron isn’t a planet, but actually a comet whose orbit is between Saturn and Uranus. In a chart, it represents our deepest wound and our efforts to heal it. Ironically, it also shows us in which way we are naturally skilled in healing other people, even if this is the comet of the “wound that never heals”.

Chiron in the first house: Self-discovery wound
Chiron in the second house: Damaged sense of worth
Chiron in the third house: Inability to speak up
Chiron in the fourth house: Abandonment issues
Chiron in the fifth house: Lingering melancholy 
Chiron in the sixth house: Chaotic nervous system
Chiron in the seventh house: Bitter relationships
Chiron in the eighth house: Tendence to supress/repress everything
Chiron in the ninth house: Sense of being stuck
Chiron in the tenth house: Not having one’s accomplisments praised
Chiron in the eleventh house: Constant feeling of being irrelevant
Chiron in the twelfth house: Genuine unconscious pain that never goes away

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