mercury’s intelligence


Logical intelligence

Recognizing relationships and patterns, demonstrating sequential reasoning skills, generating and using abstract thoughts
Mercury in Virgo & Mercury in Capricorn

Existential intelligence

Exploring the why’s and how’s of life, mulling over deep thoughts, also called “moral intelligence”
– Mercury in Sagittarius & Mercury in Aquarius

Interpersonal intelligence

“People smart”, understanding others on a deep level, sensing other’s moods, temperaments, intentions and feelings
– Mercury in Libra & Mercury in Pisces

Intrapersonal intelligence

Understanding the self, one’s own thoughts and feelings, enormous amount of self-awareness and self-motivation
– Mercury in Cancer & Mercury in Leo

Spatial intelligence

Mental imagery, vivid imagination, spatial reasoning. Daydreaming, engaging in creative endeavors, solving puzzles
– Mercury in Gemini & Mercury in Scorpio

Bodily intelligence

Great control over one’s body, perfect sense of timing, coordination, people who are skilled in uniting mind&body
– Mercury in Aries & Mercury in Taurus