Juno in the signs & Your Romantical interests


Juno in Aries is looking for someone who will make them feel alive
Juno in Taurus desires someone they can count on…forever
Juno in Gemini wants to be wowed, astounded on the mental plane
Juno in Cancer needs someone who will take care of them
Juno in Leo is attracted to fun, charming, warm personalities
Juno in Virgo needs someone who makes plans on a regular basis
Juno in Libra seeks The Soulmate, the one who completes them
Juno in Scorpio craves that fiery passion, someone who is 100% devoted
Juno in Sagittarius seeks someone who opens up their mind
Juno in Capricorn will only commit to someone who’s serious & consistent
Juno in Aquarius falls for the geniuses, for the hippies, for the hipsters..
Juno in Pisces dreams of finding someone to share their soul with, the perfectly magical union

by crystal melbourne | within the zodiac | “where’s my juno?”