6th House

6th house deals with themes of health, habit, routine, personal development, soul growth, and work life. 6th house is associated with Virgo, a mutable sign, and is considered a Cadent house (indicating adaptability). The ruling planet of the 6th house is Mercury. Mercury’s relationship to the 6th house (and Virgo) is different than its relationship to the 3rd house (and Gemini). In the 6th house, Mercury is related to the analytical side- analyzing what is needed and discarding what is unnecessary so that one can complete tasks and accomplish goals. The 6th house can indicate how you will react to and grow from conflict/difficult situations. It can indicate how you are in service to others and what personal development comes from how you give yourself to others.

Sun in the 6th: A desire to improve relationships with others by being in service to them (could fall into wallowing in self-pity seeking sympathy and asking for service from others). Very faithful, dedicated workers. They take pride in their work always and feel very proud of any achievements. Very helpful to others. Might be good at leading but might prefer to be a worker bee. Great recuperative powers, has the capacity to heal and move forward. Might be vain or self-seeking if they’re not growing themselves. Might have some anxiety in the body, a buzzing energy propelling them to be perfect in every way.

Moon in the 6th: Worriers, can cause emotional tension. When they’re emotionally distressed or anxious it might manifest physically as health issues. Have the ability to repair, mend, improve anything they want to. Emotional well being is tied to being in (healthy) service to others.

Mars in the 6th: Very industrious, efficient, active in work life. They have a tendency to be irritable or impatient with others in life who don’t want to be as efficient or active as they do. Mechanically minded.

Venus in the 6th: Fair-minded. Probably well-liked by people they work on projects with, has a deep desire to make conditions better for others so that working together is always enjoyable. Take care of the part of the body ruled by the sign Venus is in- might have big issues there.

Mercury in the 6th: Great analytical ability. Might have love of computers/electronics. They could become weighed down in details which might overload them with anxiety and even cause other physical health issues. Any bad health reflects a misalignment between action and way of thinking (if they don’t follow what they think, they might get sick). Could be restless or have desire to change jobs often (especially if Mercury Sign is mutable or cardinal)