Fascinating People I know (03)


Leo Sun x Capricorn Moon

Respectful, honorable- he is a knight in shining armor. He constantly wants to save the day, and goes out of his way to help others feel better. He might even put on a show to entertain the crowd, but he is quiet and observant by nature. He keeps asking me if I’m proud of him, if he’s doing well. Of course that just shows he’s too hard on himself. An overachiever.

Sagittarius Sun x Libra moon

She’s very outgoing, active, a performative artist who always seems to be in a great mood. She loathes feeling tied up, she hates restrictions, and loves her freedom. Although fairly romantic and intense in her emotions, she can be very calculating and isn’t afraid to rationally choose what’s best for her.

Virgo Sun x Sagittarius Moon

Very picky and a born perfectionist, he loves to show off but does it in a very calm, subtle way. He is abnormally estrategic, emotionally composed and the perfect manipulator. He has a good heart though, and treats people exactly the same way they treat him. He’s straightforward and relentless. 

Capricorn Sun x Virgo Moon 

As with all Virgo moons, she is a worrier, constantly stressed out, constantly taking care of other people, taking on their burdens, solving their problems, finding solutions to challenges that have absolutely nothing to do with her. She can’t help it, she’s a born organizer, a born manager. She’s competent, resourceful, ambitious and persevering. 

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