Pisces Sun + Aquarius Moon: Luna Lovegood



The Believer

If you were born under the Pisces/Aqua blend, you have a pure soul and a humble spirit, an ethereal aura, and a sensitivity that allows you to experience the world in a way that few can. Because of this, you are not so pragmatic and can easily get caught up in your own mind, trapped in your imagination, your feelings, your “lunatic” ideas, your fantasies and visions.. You’re quite the clairvoyant, and then just forget to keep your feet on the ground. Despite this, you have an innate sense of integrity and always know the difference between right and wrong. There’s no shrewdness about you, as you are completely trusting and believe in universal compassion and love. Be careful not to let others take advantage of this, you should be more aware that not everyone is as kind as you are. On another note, by looking at you, one will always assume that you either just woke up- or are still sleeping. You have this dreamy look, combined with your tendency to daydream and get distracted by the most random things, makes you seem like you’re never really there. However, your surroundings have a great impact on you, and you’re like a sponge to what happens around you- capable of absorbing feelings, moods, ideals of others. This is especially painful because as you see yourself as part of the greater collective, the whole world as one, and therefore struggle to detach yourself from the pain and suffering of others. It’s difficult for you not to get emotionally involved..A true humanitarian at heart. 

-Crystal Melbourne, Within the Zodiac | tumblr
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