Crush advice for the signs

aries: be kind!! show them you can be soft, comforting, and loving just as much as you can be boisterous and funny. they’ll naturally be attracted to your strong personality, so prove theres more to you than just the face you put on

taurus: connect!! talking can be scary, especially talking to them, but you need to actually go out of your way and talk to your crush before anything can happen

gemini: show interest!!! playing hard to get is easy, but its only so cute for so long. you need to show that you’re interested in them or they’re going to think you really don’t want to be around them

cancer: let them know you!! its easy to try and show them one side of you and to present a perfect image of yourself to them, but thats not what they want! let them know who you are, all your sides of your personality!

leo: have empathy! listen to them. be there for them. let them talk. they already know your ferocity and strength, and they already like the confidence you have, let them know that you’re here for them as much as for yourself and that you care about their feelings

virgo: if you just stopped going after people you cant have you wouldn’t have to be reading this post, huh

libra: be serious!! yes, the self-deprecating jokes are funny, but be honest with them! connect! talk with them and tell them how you really feel without making a joke out of it

scorpio: get emotional!! yes, its scary, but they already know how funny you are. they already know all the cooler parts about you. show them you aren’t just stone; show them you can be in a vulnerable state, and that you’re okay with showing them the weaker parts of yourself

sagittarius: be sweet!! the “pulling-her-pigtails” tactic doesn’t work after the second grade. show them you care! you’re fully able to poke fun at them of course, its probably part of what they like about you, but show you actually care about them and how they feel

capricorn: stop avoiding them!! being around them and thinking of what to say to them is stressful, but after so long if you don’t go out of your way to be with them or talk to them, they’re going to think you don’t want to

aquarius: give them attention! they’re going to actually want to talk to you and be around you, you need to let them know that you want to talk to them and be with them too. show them how much you want to be around them!

pisces: have fun!! its good to communicate how you two are feeling, but not every conversation has to be a heart to heart or have some sort of emotional undertone. send them a meme! tell them you like their hair! show them you’re as much of a fun person to be around as you are a shoulder to cry on

Source: memekasasha