The Signs as Marina & The Diamonds Songs (Froot)

Aries: Can’t Pin Me Down – You can’t call my bluff / time to back off, motherfucker

Taurus: Blue – I’m sick of looking after you / I need a man to hold on to

Gemini: I’m A Ruin – You still mean everything to me / but I wanna be free

Cancer: Immortal – I wanna live forever / forever in your heart

Leo: Gold – But whatever happens, I’ll be okay / ‘cause fortune’s running out of my veins

Virgo: Solitaire – Hard like a rock, cold like a stone

Libra: Froot – You know that it’s true / I’ve been saving all my summers for you

Scorpio: Forget – I’ve been dancing with the devil / I love that he pretends to care

Sagittarius: Better Than That – I know a little too much, but I’ll never tell

Capricorn: Happy – I found what I’d been looking for in myself / found a life worth living for someone else

Aquarius: Savages – I’m not afraid of God / I am afraid of man

Pisces: Weeds – Just open your eyes to see / he’s growing from inside me

Source: attractiveastrology