The Signs as Things that I have Said in the Past Part 28 it great

Aries: I plant seeds of ice cream cravings into the minds of my friends like the evil person I am

Taurus: Pokefusion is just forbidden breeding

Gemini: I only make group chats when necessary so I made us a truth or dare chat where we can spill tea

Cancer: Every time I see Andrew Garfield as Spiderman I always think it’s Brendon Urie for a split second and then I remember that it isn’t Brendon but now I just want my big forehead boy to be Spiderman

Leo: I can handle some pretty disgusting things but Furbies are not one of those things

Virgo: I am the true meme queen in my group but they keep saying I’m not because I haven’t won a game of What Do You Meme? yet

Libra: Life may be hard but at least we have green AND red grapes

Scorpio: My friends keep saying I’m going soft so now I have to fight every one of them to prove them wrong

Sagittarius: Yo if there was a strip club next to a car dealership would one of the dancers names be Titty Toyota

Capricorn: Someone’s idea of Hell is an endless loop of Bohemian Rhapsody but honestly maybe that person deserves to be in Hell if they think that’s a bad thing to endure

Aquarius: If I can just fit one more meme into the project I will find eternal peace

Pisces: Some children are more evil than some adults in today’s world

Source: dankmeme-astrology