The signs doing homework

Aries: Seems to constantly have so much like with girl what classes are you taking?!

Taurus: *starts doing homework* … snack breakkkkk *an hour later* shit I’ve done nothing

Gemini: procrastinates like a queen, or is busy skyping someone and pretending they’re being productive

Cancer: works hard for 10 mins and takes a well deserved 2 hour break
Leo: homework? wait… did we need to do that?

Virgo: nah I ain’t got time for that, who cares

Libra: complains about amount of homework so long that they don’t actually get any done

Scorpio: usually gets it done on time and rubs it in other’s faces… otherwise they completely forgot

Sagittarius: leaves it till the last minute and rushes… a good effort though

Capricorn: can spend years doing it, and it still never seems to be done

Aquarius: little bit of this, little bit of that and everything is under control

Pisces: too busy binge watching whatever show they’re on now, with an open document somewhere nearby