Signs When Their Partner Gets Pissed at Them

Libra: acts like they don’t care but keeps on bringing it up so everyone knows they’re really upset

Scorpio: talks it out with another person, earns their sympathy and ends up cheating

Sagittarius: throws a huge fit and tries to get everyone on their side because they NEED everyone to adore them

Aries: acts like they don’t care but secretly goes somewhere by themselves + cries

Taurus: eats a ton of food because FCK THEM TBFH

Gemini: “lol they look like an idiot ignoring me anyways”

Cancer: cries and is comforted by a bunch of other hot people so really it’s fine

Leo: makes a HUGE deal on social media so everyone knows how they feel

Virgo: ignores them back and acts like the victim, somehow manipulating their partner into apologizing

Capricorn: spoils their partner enough that they forgive them

Aquarius: “f*ck it I didnt need them lol”

Pisces: pouts and pouts until their partner is so tired of it they just pretend it never happened

Source: starsightastrology