Signs for the week end

As an Aries for the weekend: Make time to iron out any conflicts in your relationships, especially with those you are closest to. Reaching out is the goal.

As a Taurus for the weekend: Be careful where you keep valuable belongings and who you loan items out to. They may not return to you in the condition you lent them, or may not return at all.

As a Gemini for the weekend: Avoid overly ambitious projects that require more than you can commit to right now.

As a Cancer for the weekend: Put your energy where it matters the most. Concentrate on taking care of your responsibilities and avoiding people who are looking for trouble.

As a Leo for the weekend: Be realistic in your approach and your expectations. Before you find yourself in a compromising position, make it clear how you feel and what you expect.

As a Virgo for the weekend:  Look at the big picture, and do your part. Make sure that you incorporate change to acquire stability, not because you are bored.

As a Libra for the weekend: Pay attention to your surroundings and remain silent until you know what you are up against.

As a Scorpio for the weekend: Initiate a plan that enhances your life and your relationships. This will help you cut out anyone and anything that isn’t positive, leaving you with more time for people who are beneficial.

As a Sagittarius for the weekend: Control your emotions to avoid giving someone the wrong impressions.

As a Capricorn for the weekend: Take on a challenge that will test your strength and stamina.

As an Aquarius for the weekend: Process what’s best, perfect your plan and make your move strategically.  A change of scenery might do you some good.

As a Pisces for the weekend: Think less and do more. The proof is in the results you get and the difference you make.  Offer suggestions, but don’t volunteer to do all the work.