(According to people i know)

° Cancer & Capricorn

– When “Cold hearted” Capricorn meets warm and motherly Cancer, you would think they would fail, but that can’t be further from the truth. The similarity of these signs is in that they both expect to be loved to death and appreciated , and these individuals really work well when it comes to being loyal and loving. They are both naturally shy, but Cancer fights it better. Overall, one of the most powerful couples.

° Libra & Pisces

– These guys have that very balanced relationship. Very peaceful and emotional, and both of these signs really genuinely care about their lovers and friends. They give their all, but don’t expect anything back. Iconic duo full of love and support for each other.

° Taurus & Scorpio

-This might seem like a poor match, but these people actually get along really well when they know each other well. Sure, there will be some problems but they will easily overcome them because both of them are very passonate and full of support. They will help each other , and together come to the top. They have this magnetical connection. Truly , they understand one another.

° Aries & Leo

– Both being fire signs, these people are full of energy, and hunger for fun. This match is probbably one of the strongest because of the similarities of these signs. Both of these individuals will give their maximmum to be honest and loyal to one another. If they’re not in relationship, they could be easily best friends.

° Gemini & Aquarius

– These guys just understand each other. They love attention ,and they are willing to give it to one another. Both are very intelectually active, and they could learn so much together. They have the ability to see trough things, and this helps them a lot as a couple.

° Virgo & Sagittarius

– You would think that these signs have nothing in common, but they actually do. This is the most underrated couple of the zodiac. Virgos are usually very stubborn but they relax in a company such as Sagittarius. Their relationship is all about respecting eachother’s differences and enjoying their stories and jokes.

Source: sarramcfisa