the signs as students

cancer and sagittarius: slacker, doesn’t care about their school work at all. homework is always turned in late, if at all. annoyed by everyone and just wants to graduate and be free to do whatever they want. teachers stopped trying to convince them to do their work

capricorn, virgo, and leo: popular kid, well liked by everyone because they are so friendly. they are never mean to people and say hi to the unpopular kids in the hallways. grades are not great, but their dazzling personalities make up for it. will probably be successful no matter what

aries and taurus: bookworm, does all the homework early and studies in their free time. does almost all the work in a group project and doesn’t mind because they can just do it how they want. all the teachers love them, classmates don’t like or dislike them

scorpio, libra, and aquarius: student athlete, spends all their free time at practice or eating. their grades are okay but not their focus. trying to get a college scholarship for their sport. all their friends are on their team because they are the only people they see regularly

gemini and pisces: loner, doesn’t have many friends or care to make any. they like to sit alone and think instead of talking. enjoys observing the other students and making silent judgments. their grades are okay because they do their work but don’t care to excel

Source: shablamos