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Signs on the 12th House ⚜

Aries 12th House
Self-undoing through: Anger
Issues with: Impulse control
Spiritual connection via: Physical activity

Taurus 12th House
Self-undoing through: Complacency
Issues with: Over-indulgence 
Spiritual connection via: Nature/Physical World

Gemini 12th House
Self-undoing through: Inability to concentrate energy/focus
Issues with: Anxiety & nervous energy
Spiritual connection via: Written/Spoken Words

Cancer 12th House
Self-undoing through: Inability to control emotions
Issues with: Over-sensitivity 
Spiritual connection via: Private time, Time alone

Leo 12th House
Self-undoing through: Ego
Issues with: Self-acceptance
Spiritual connection via: Creativity

Virgo 12th House
Self-undoing through: Inability to relinquish control
Issues with: Perfectionism 
Spiritual connection via: Routine

Libra 12th House
Self-undoing through: Compromising the self
Issues with: Maintaining healthy relationships
Spiritual connection via: Balance

Scorpio 12th House
Self-undoing through: Obsessions
Issues with: Mental paranoias
Spiritual connection via: Accepting Human Darkness

Sagittarius 12th House
Self-undoing through: Inability to commit 
Issues with: Belief systems
Spiritual connection via: Learning

Capricorn 12th House
Self-undoing through: Over commitment 
Issues with: Authority figures
Spiritual connection via: Devotion to something meaningful 

Aquarius 12th House
Self-undoing through: Being a rebel without a cause
Issues with: Questioning everything
Spiritual connection via: Embracing the collective

Pisces 12th House
Self-undoing through: Self-made illusions
Issues with: Escapism
Spiritual connection via: Art/music/books

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Mercury in the Houses & The Questions we Ask O…

Mercury is the planet of mental energy, so depending on which house it is placed in, what do you often ask yourself? //
Mercury in the 1st House: How can I express myself?
Mercury in the 2nd House: Is it worth the time/money/effort?
Mercury in the 3rd House: What should I learn next?
Mercury in the 4th House: Who/what makes me feel safe?
Mercury in the 5th House: What will I create next?
Mercury in the 6th House: Am I doing enough?
Mercury in the 7th House: Do they understand me?
Mercury in the 8th House: What does this actually mean?
Mercury in the 9th House: Which way should I go next?
Mercury in the 10th House: Are my accomplishments enough?
Mercury in the 11th House: Am I making the difference?
Mercury in the 12th House: Why can’t I express myself?

Where’s your Sun?

In the 1st House: You express yourself through your appearance
In the 2nd House: You over-identify with what you own/possess
In the 3rd House: You find yourself in words, thoughts, ideas
In the 4th House: You’re only yourself when you feel safe
In the 5th House: You express yourself through your talents
In the 6th House: You over-identify with how much you do daily
In the 7th House: You find yourself in other people
In the 8th House: You’re only you when you feel challenged
In the 9th House: You express yourself through beliefs/morals
In the 10th House: You over-identify with your accomplisments
In the 11th House: You find yourself in bigger causes
In the 12th House: You’re only yourself when you’re alone and/or daydreaming

Karmic Reactions: The 12th house in the Signs …

Aries in the 12th: Past lives were hard, through tough conditions, struggling with the bare minimum to survive, you’ve developed strength, courage & a fearless spirit
Taurus in the 12th: Past lives were strongly connected to the earth, the natural pastoral environment- traditional lives of hardwork in order to acquire simple pleasures
Gemini in the 12th: Past lives included either living in the city where there’s more population, to communicate & exchange ideas, or moving from place to place, nomads
Cancer in the 12th: In your past lives you lived in small communities, or matriarchal societies, & had to learn to protect the land/loved ones, life was safe and traditional
Leo in the 12th: Past lives were glamorous & full of personal achievements, with feelings of being special or having to compete to shine brighter
Virgo in the 12th: Past lives included hard-work, humility and practicability, focusing on service, routine and work ethics, mental abilities, or healing powers
Libra in the 12th: Past lives were luxurious, beautiful, full of art, romance, marriages, with an emphasis on cultural richness & bigger cities with a lot of people
Scorpio in the 12th: Past lives were hard, tragic indeed, filled with turbulent events (death, illnesses, persecutions, traumas) which helped you grow resilient
Sagittarius in the 12th: Past lives were spent travelling either due to work or the thirst for knowledge, wandering in search of wisdom, lives dedicated to higher ideals
Capricorn in the 12th: Past lives were full of prestige & (well-deserved) recognition, as well as full of responsibility, burdens and ambition, which you too possess
Aquarius in the 12th: Past lives included living among common people, in communal societies (like communists, hippies, liberals) where people did everything together
Pisces in the 12th: Past lives were spent in seclusion, isolated from others, either voluntary retreat or forced exile- higher consciousness was achieved, mystical experiences occurred, & you were left w/ much inner wisdom

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Karmic Reactions: The 12th house in the Signs …

Aries in the 12th: Hidden power & ability to be reborn
Taurus in the 12th: Hidden talents that bring wealth
Gemini in the 12th: Hidden mental abilities
Cancer in the 12th: Hidden abundance of emotional riches
Leo in the 12th: Hidden willpower & motivation
Virgo in the 12th: Hidden healing power
Libra in the 12th: Hidden gift of universal understanding
Scorpio in the 12th: Hidden resilience/ ability to survive
Sagittarius in the 12th: Hidden ability to unlock the truth
Capricorn in the 12th: Hidden resources that bring success
Aquarius in the 12th: Hidden access to universal connection
Pisces in the 12th: Hidden “Come Home” calling

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Karmic Reactions: The 12th house in the Signs …

Aries in the 12th: Self-denial & self-victimization. Difficulties with personal assertiveness and creating healthy boundaries (who am I?)
Taurus in the 12th: Mishandling of money & possessions, inability to control your funds. Difficulties with sorting out priorities & assessing the actual worth of things
Gemini in the 12th: Mental confusion & personal inconsistency, a dual inner persona. Difficulties arise when trying to be all things to all people
Cancer in the 12th: Inability to relax and let the universe do its work. Tendency to become too personally involved & attached, difficulties with keeping distance
Leo in the 12th: Tendency to “have to” resort to deceit & manipulation to get your way. Difficulties with using your own willpower for personal advancement
Virgo in the 12th: Inability to distinguish between what you can and cannot do. Tendency to try to find the cure for everyone, solve every problem, analyze every situation
Libra in the 12th: Inability to see people for who they really are. Difficulties with assessing the level of intimacy needed in distinct personal relationships
Scorpio in the 12th: Inability to be clear about your needs and wants. Unquenchable lust. Difficulties with the orientation & direction of your desires
Sagittarius in the 12th: Restlessness, inability to find inner quiet & peace. Difficulties with remaining focused and disciplined in your life path
Capricorn in the 12th: Tendency to obsess or be paranoid about your personal power being (mysteriously) suppressed. Difficulties arise by a need to manipulate what’s beyond your control
Aquarius in the 12th: Tendency to get carried away in a compassionate current and fall into an everlasting trap of diffusion. Difficulties with being discerning
Pisces in the 12th: Wanting to get free from earthly limits and restrictions. Difficulties with holding on to the self, tendency to fall into oblivion or into toxic addictions

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Chiron in the Houses

Chiron isn’t a planet, but actually a comet whose orbit is between Saturn and Uranus. In a chart, it represents our deepest wound and our efforts to heal it. Ironically, it also shows us in which way we are naturally skilled in healing other people, even if this is the comet of the “wound that never heals”.

Chiron in the first house: Self-discovery wound
Chiron in the second house: Damaged sense of worth
Chiron in the third house: Inability to speak up
Chiron in the fourth house: Abandonment issues
Chiron in the fifth house: Lingering melancholy 
Chiron in the sixth house: Chaotic nervous system
Chiron in the seventh house: Bitter relationships
Chiron in the eighth house: Tendence to supress/repress everything
Chiron in the ninth house: Sense of being stuck
Chiron in the tenth house: Not having one’s accomplisments praised
Chiron in the eleventh house: Constant feeling of being irrelevant
Chiron in the twelfth house: Genuine unconscious pain that never goes away

-crystal melbourne | within the zodiac | where’s my Chiron?

Ceres in the Houses: The Extremes of Life

Besides showing how we nurture and want to be nurtured, Ceres also deals with our highs and lows- the brilliant highs and dizzy joys of the times we have what we want, and the darker days when we completely lose our faith. 

Wherever Ceres is placed [click here to find], that’s where you face the most intense issues, and experience the most intense happiness. The highs and lows come in a cyclical way:

Ceres in the First House
Your personal appearance, your reputation, your persona, your profile
– Typical manifestation of the highs: Enormous self-confidence about one’s unique personality
Typical manifestation of the lows: Severe identity crises 

Ceres in the Second House
Your money, your talents, your possessions, your self-esteem
Typical manifestation of the highs: Being capable of getting anything
– Typical manifestation of the lows: Suddenly realizing nothing that was gained matters after all

Ceres in the Third House
Your words and ideas, your life on the internet, your speech, writing
Typical manifestation of the highs: Being heard and respected for one’s mental capacities
– Typical manifestation of the lows: Having one’s ideas completely rejected, ignored or ridiculed 

Ceres in the Fourth House
Your family, your hometown or country, your home, your roots
Typical manifestation of the highs: An incredible sense of belonging
Typical manifestation of the lows: Trying so hard to fit in but not being able to

Ceres in the Fifth House
Your children, your lovers, your art, your leisure time
Typical manifestation of the highs: Feeling as if one’s creativity is at its peak and anything can be done
Typical manifestation of the lows: Feeling devoid of any artistic skills at all, feeling empty and not being able to tap into one’s imagination

Ceres in the Sixth House
Your body, your working life, your housework, your duty and service
Typical manifestation of the highs: Being incredibly productive and efficient, full of energy
Typical manifestation of the lows: Not being able to get anything done, feeling ill and stressed out without concrete reasons

Ceres in the Seventh House
Your former, current or potential partners, your enemies or rivals, justice
Typical manifestation of the highs: Being able to understand others completely, having others trust you fully
Typical manifestation of the lows: Feeling isolated and left alone, being ostracized, having the hunch that someone’s planning something against you

Ceres in the Eighth House
Your financial or property agreements, secrets, sexual relationships
Typical manifestation of the highs: Having all your bills taken care of, being trusted enough to to manage other people’s resources
Typical manifestation of the lows: Having to borrow money but not being able to pay it back

Ceres in the Ninth House
Your travel, foreign, educational or publishing agenda
Typical manifestation of the highs: Achieving a state of full understanding of the concepts you were studying/investigating/contemplating
– Typical manifestation of the lows: Being stuck in a series of sticky situations & not being able to do anything to escape

Ceres in the Tenth House
Your career, your reputation, social status
– Typical manifestation of the highs: Getting a promotion, being publicly congratulated/praised for having done such a great job 
– Typical manifestation of the lows:

Ceres in the Eleventh House
Your friends, your groups, clubs, teams, societies or committees
Typical manifestation of the highs: Being able to contribute greatly to the causes you’ve been supporting
Typical manifestation of the lows: Being denied a saying in what happens in your group/association, being expelled from it 

Ceres in the Twelfth House
Your secrets, your unconscious mind, psychology, the psychic world
Typical manifestation of the highs: Understanding the self completely, interpreting your dreams, tapping into the unconscious
– Typical manifestation of the lows: Feeling divided, feeling lost/broken and as if one’s identity has been shattered

-crystal melbourne | within the zodiac | “where’s my Ceres?”

Vesta in the 12 astrological houses

Wherever Vesta falls in the birth chart will show the area in which we tend to be committed to a purpose. 

Vesta is associated with dedication, focus, and commitment. She represents those things that we are ready (or compelled) to make a sacrifice for. 

Vesta in the first house
Dedicated to: Self-discovery and self-awareness, issues of identity, ‘finding yourself’, personal goals
Thus sacrificing: Other people in general, long-term relationships of an intimate nature

Vesta in the second house
Dedicated to: Manifesting material abundance, finding security for yourself and your loved ones
Thus sacrificing: Simple pleasures and comforts

Vesta in the third house
Dedicated to: Communicating, seeking new experiences and knowledge and disseminating what you have garnered
Thus sacrificing: Clarity in your thoughts, peace of mind (since you put yourself under so much pressure)

Vesta in the fourth house
Dedicated to: Home and family, a sense of duty, obligation and/or responsibility within your home situation
Thus sacrificing: Personal freedom, personal choices

Vesta in the fifth house
Dedicated to: Creative expression, public attention, recognition, pouring your life force into your work, sublimating your sexual energy.
Thus sacrificing: Either romance or creativity, like being forced to choose between them

Vesta in the sixth house
Dedicated to: Healing yourself or others, constantly learning techniques and skills in order to reach a goal/complete a task
Thus sacrificing: Your health, your sleeping/eating schedules, normal life patterns

Vesta in the seventh house
Dedicated to: Relationships with others, well-fare of others, ensuring there’s justice and fairness around you
Thus sacrificing: Your independence, your own will, your inner voice (you compromise too much)

Vesta in the eighth house
Dedicated to: Experiencing emotional and sexual intimacy, delving into the realm of hidden or occult knowledge, finding a mystical union
Thus sacrificing: Healthy relationships- you often don’t understand how others can’t match your intensity

Vesta in the ninth house
Dedicated to: The quest for truth and wisdom, the dissemination of your ideal vision
Thus sacrificing: Reality- examine and broaden your belief system to avoid fanaticism, the belief that you possess some ultimate or final answer

Vesta in the tenth house
Dedicated to: Achieving your goals and attaining success, recognition
Thus sacrificing: All your time- you have difficulty defining your goals or finding a fulfilling vocation which pushes you even harder

Vesta in the eleventh house
Dedicated to: Humanitarian or futuristic ideal of respect for freedom and individuality, and honoring of all life
Thus sacrificing: Personal friendships (for the sake of the cause)

Vesta in the twelfth house
Dedicated to: Service with compassion and surrender
Thus sacrificing: Yourself- the more open you are, the more likely it is that you have fears stemming from karmic memories, fears of intimacy that manifest as a need for isolation and retreat

Juno in the Houses & where/how you’ll meet your soulmate

Juno in the first: Love at first sight
Juno in the second: In your hometown
Juno in the third: At the local library
Juno in the fourth: Childhood sweethearts
Juno in the fifth: During vacations or leisure time
Juno in the sixth: A co-worker/ at work
Juno in the seventh: Wherever it is, it will feel like a movie scene
Juno in the eighth: Starting off as a sexual relationship
Juno in the ninth: At college or while travelling abroad
Juno in the tenth: At a social gathering
Juno in the eleventh: Online dating
Juno in the twelfth: You’ll dream about them