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Wait To Settle Down Until You Find Someone Exactly Like This



March 21st – April 19th

Aries, you get bored very easily. You need to be with somebody who fills your life with surprises, adventures, and little magical moments that keep you pre-occupied. Be with somebody who takes your breath away.


April 20th – May 20th

Taurus, you are very grateful for the things you have in life, but you let your fear of the unknown get to you. You need somebody who shows you that it’s okay to shoot for the moon while you still have the stars. Be with somebody who pushes you outside of your comfort zone.

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The signs as things we like

Aries: laughing until your stomach hurts

Taurus: hugging someone you love

Gemini: having late night talks with your best friend(s) about things you never dreamed about sharing

Cancer: the butterflies you get in your stomach before doing something exciting

Leo: driving with the windows down on a beautiful night

Virgo: being somewhere where you can see the stars fill up the night sky

Libra: jumping into a cool pool on a hot day

Scorpio: kissing someone you’ve always wanted to kiss

Sagittarius: sitting by a fire on a cold night

Capricorn: not getting something for a long time and then finally understanding it

Aquarius: the excitement of going somewhere you’ve never been before

Pisces: hearing your favorite artists new album for the first time

what its like to hug the signs



Aries: their hugs are short and very tight, and after one, they’ll stand near you for a while, maybe looking at you fondly

Taurus: Taurus hugs are long, warm, and leave you feeling sleepy. as they don’t give hugs often, hugging a Taurus is a unique experience.

Gemini: they give hugs often, and hugs with them are comfortable, but short lasting, leaving you wanting another one.

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What the signs are good at

Gemini: you know how to make people smile, whether its just to tell a joke or make someone feel better, you always have the perfect solution to brighten someones day.

Cancer: you make people feel confident, you give them a boost just when they need it. Thank you.

Leo: Your are so easygoing and accepting, people are able to let everything go around you.

Virgo: Your strong, and when others are weak you lend them some of your strength until we’re able to walk again. I love you.

Libra: you’re adorable, you’re sometimes quirky and funny, it never fails to make someone laugh. 🙂

Scorpio: trusting you is one of the easiest things that has ever come to me, you make others feel welcome and teach us to enjoy what really mattes.

Sagittarius: your humor is attractive. Laughing is always a party with you, you make others feel important.

Capricorn: Determination is so very attractive, you wear it well. You know  what you want and wont stop until its in your grasp, you inspire so many people.

Aquarius: You know how to make a person open up. I know that if i ever crave a deep conversation i can always enlighten you with whatever is troubling me. Thank you for always listening.

Pisces: You are emotional, its easy for people to let down their walls around you, we’re no longer afraid of being judged.

Aries: you are good at noticing the sudden mood change of a person, you notice the little things.

Taurus: your mere presence makes someone feel worthy, beautiful. You know exactly how to comfort someone without even thinking about it.  


Source: astrologybby

Depression of the Zodiac Signs


Capricorn: Capricorn will isolate themselves and get super defensive. They might even be in denial that anything is wrong until they hit rock bottom. Capricorn is prone to depression.

Aquarius: Aquarius will be very short with everyone and

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Reaction To a Zombie Apocalypse of the zodiac signs


Aquarius Zodiac – will be totally unemotional and as the trendsetter for the future, their job is to eliminate as many “walkers” as they can. Aquarians tend to be rebels just for the sake of having their own way so don’t try to stop them…they will do it their way even if others have proved it wrong.

Pisces Zodiac – will try to befriend the zombies and understand their past. They will be the ones looking

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The Reaction of Zodiac Signs When Getting A Surprised Exam

Aquarius Zodiac Sign – will sit back with a smug look on their face and enjoy the panic of everyone else because an emotional reaction from an Aquarian is something you won’t often see.

Pisces Zodiac Sign – will send everyone an “it’s ok email…you will be fine”…just take a big breath and think about the topic and it will all come back to you. I wish I could help you through this!” because Picsces are the friend you can count on to be there for you in any situation.

Aries Zodiac Sign – will immediately be upset and everyone will know it. They’ll dig around in their backpack for a pen and slam it on the desk with a “let’s get this done” attitude. Surprise exams aren’t welcome as the Arian does not do well with the possibility of failure.

Taurus Zodiac Sign – will sit there calmly knowing that every assignment up to this day has been completed so they are good to go. Plus…once the exam is over it will be time for lunch!

Gemini Zodiac Sign – will be fidgeting in their seat and start pulling all the books from their backpack to see what they’ve got on the subject for the surprise exam. One side of the twin will be nervous and the other will be chatty to cover up the nervousness.

Cancer Zodiac Sign – will dive into a mood and not want to talk to anyone. They will immediately text their best friend with a “can you believe we’ve just found out there’s a surprise exam…that sucks!”

Leo Zodiac Sign – will be full of energy and moving around talking loudly to the whole class as there is no such word as “doubt” in their mind and a little surprise exam is nothing. Bring it on!

Virgo Zodiac Sign – will try to figure out how they missed the signs that there may be a surprise exam coming up and will then proceed with a logical plan to do the best they can.

Libra Zodiac Sign – will ask how long the exam will be as they had a “shopping date” already set up and don’t want to be late for it.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign – will be sitting at the back of the room with the appearance of calmness but inside they are simmering like a volcano because Scorpions like to be in control and surprises don’t equal control.

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign – will pull out their lucky charm and be totally optimistic that they will do well and once their done, they can tra la la off to the next adventure.

Capricorn Zodiac Sign – will feel somewhat insecure as they always want to be the best that they can be and without advance notice, they’re in doubt so they’ll evaluate the exam topic, set up their work space and think, think, think.


Zodiac Sign’s Road to Happiness

*Check Sun for basic happiness, Moon for inner happiness, MC for sense of purpose, and Rising sign for quick-fix happiness

Aries: Create something that you can be in charge of. Find leadership opportunities in work, community, or even at home. Establish your passions in life and devote your endless energy to fighting for those goals. Start new projects.

Taurus: Stability is important- search to establish a steady job, home, and relationships that are predictable. Use your 5 senses and try to fully enjoy the pleasures of the world. Save money/resources for comfort.

Gemini: Communicate and learn as much as you can. Seek to learn something or do something new everyday. Travel is great for you as well. Live life spontaneously and incorporate something quirky into every day.

Cancer: Create an environment that feels like home. Build a strong support base of friends/family. Care for other people- you have a natural tendency for nurturance. Devote your many moods to creation of some sort.

Leo: Creative expression is important. Channel your creative energies into some kind of exterior manifestation. Share your sunny disposition with others. Do things to flaunt your individualism

Virgo: Do some volunteer work that helps people- service is key. Create a routine that includes care for one’s health. Detail-work can prevent anxiety. Learning/perfecting your techniques and to-do lists are great as well.

Libra: Enjoy the culture and art of the world. Diplomacy and balance bring you joy. Helping others with their problems and bringing joy to people brings you happiness. Find a group of happy associates to surround yourself with

Scorpio: Invest time in building a relationship or two that you can really trust in. Spend time investigating the unknown, the unaccepted, and the depths of the sub conscious mind.

Sagittarius: Travel, learn as much from as many people as you can, and get involved with culturally rich events. Form opinions and make sure to maintain your independence. Create plans for positive change.

Capricorn: Create a list of goals: 1 year, 5 year, 10 year, and life goals. Work towards an education or devote yourself to a job that brings stability. Continue to work to better yourself and to succeed in various areas of life.

Aquarius: Become apart of some cause or group. Make friends with people who are passionate about a variety of topics. Be inventive and share your unique life approach with the world.

Pisces: Meditate, learn metaphysical knowledge, and search the one’s subconscious mind. Plan out a game plan to achieve your dreams and stay loyal to it. Serving/loving others can give you a sense of purpose.

Source: astrology4dumdums

Gifts For The Signs

*Check Sun, Moon, & Rising signs*

Aries – bluetooth speaker or wireless headphones, hat, lipstick, band t-shirt, antique mirror, penny board, neon sign, gym membership, work-out accessories, GoPro

Taurus – purse/tote/satchel, gift card to favorite restaurant or a book store, art, scarf, coffee mug, blanket, box of chocolates, silk robe, silver jewelry

Gemini – puzzle, book (new & intriguing), gossip magazine or newspaper subscription, nail polish, playing cards, kite, LP records, choker, unique pins/brooches, trivia games

Cancer – bath bombs, pearls, flowers, handmade crafts, candles, vintage cook book or utensils, framed photo or photo album, over-sized sweaters, gifts for their pets

Leo – music festival or theater tickets, rocking chair, hair clips, eye shadow, cigars, book (auto/biographies), retro games or decor, gold jewelry, champagne, selfie stick

Virgo – pillow, succulents, unique socks, red wine, typewriter, rings, books (self-help, psychological thriller, or motivational), massage oils, journal, yoga mat

Libra – home decor, earrings, perfume/cologne, fashion magazine subscription (Vogue, GQ…), silk pajamas, gift card to favorite clothing store, white wine, cuff links, vest

Scorpio – shoes, movies, lingerie, eye liner, video games, pocket knife, anything of leather or velvet, wallet, privacy screen, sunglasses, liquor, hoodie, $

Sagittarius – binoculars, waterproof speaker or phone case, keychain, books (philosophical, law, or spiritual) vintage maps, comedy show or concert tickets, video camera, address book, travel magazine subscription (NAT. Geo…)

Capricorn – watch, pottery, planner, tea, beanies, unique wreath, DIY craft book, skincare products, wine stoppers, telescope, gloves, terrarium, chalk or cork board

Aquarius – iTunes gift card, ukele, social magazine subscriptions (Rolling Stones…), flask, books (sci-fi/fantasy), bow tie, vinyl decals, instant camera, facial hair oil, patches, drone

Pisces – dream catcher, doc martens, mood ring, custom playlist, slippers, art supplies (watercolor paints…), hand-made/knitted clothing, lava lamp, a fish, hammock, poetry


The Signs as how I know them


Aries: there’s no reasoning with you. you care for others so deeply, but you’re stubborn as all hell. that doesn’t stop you from giving your all to every situation you’re in. you’re a hard worker with a hard head but I still adore you. you can be a little irrational without knowing it and “I’m sorry” is not a favorable phrase for you.

Taurus: you’re incredibly smart. you know things that’s most people don’t and I truly don’t know where you get it. you love being the center of attention and being praised, but you’re very humble about it. you aren’t afraid of confrontation, and when you’re hurt, you show it in a quiet way. you feel guilty, but sometimes that guilt translates into anger. you’re stubborn and sometimes selfish, but you also have a sense to you that begs for attention.

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