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The Signs Habits

Aries: Nail Biting

Taurus: Twirling hair

Gemini: Gemini Talking too much

Cancer: Sleeping

Leo: Looking down

Virgo: Seducing

Libra: Shaking legs

Scorpio: Laughing at everything

Sagittarius:  Looking at the mirror 24/7

Capricorn: Drinking coffee

Aquarius: Smoking

Pisces: Giving tips

The Signs as Winter Scents

Aries: Cinammon, Clove and Orange

Taurus: Rose and Sandlewood

Gemini: White Jasmine and Winter rose

Cancer: Caramel, Vanilla and Jasmine

Leo: Clove and Cedarwood

Virgo: Cinammon, Clove and Lemongrass

Libra: Almond, Raspberry and Strawberry

Scorpio: Black Pepper and Citrus

Sagittarius: Sandlewood, Vetiver and Patchouli

Capricorn: Silver Fir, White Pepper and Amber

Aquarius: Lime and Pine

Pisces: Berries, Orange Blossom, Nutmeg and Cinammon

Issues the signs del with

Aries: Anger

Taurus: Lack of motivation

Gemini: Hyperactivity

Cancer: Anxiety

Leo: Insecurity

Virgo: Stress

Libra: Indecisiveness

Scorpio: Vengeance

Sagittarius: Constant injuries

Capricorn: Being misunderstood

Aquarius: Loneliness

Pisces: Sadness/ depression

How The Signs Deal With Stress

Aries: Pretends to be fine but slowly breaks down inside.

Taurus: Fiddles with things to distract themselves.

Gemini: Drowns out their problems with music

Cancer: Cries

Leo: Meditation

Virgo: What’s stress?

Libra: Caffeine! Caffeine and more caffeine!

Scorpio: Naps

Sagittarius: Takes a break and waits to get inspired again.

Capricorn: Deals with it an doesn’t give a shit anymore.

Aquarius: It’s inevitable. There’s no escape

Pisces:. Hyperventilates and passes out.

Hidden Qualities


Aries – can actually be very romantic when they’re really in love. will do anything to make someone feel better even if they don’t understand why you feel the way that you do. cute awkwardness when they have a crush.

Taurus – has the ability to engage with just about anyone, they’re almost like a chameleon that can change themselves to make someone comfortable. has the best sense of humor and really keeps a lot of things to themselves just because they don’t want to bring anyone down.

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Signs as crushees:


Aries: will probs sweep you off your feet within the first 10 seconds of meeting you

Taurus: will see you with food on your face and still think you’re cute

Gemini: *juggling 8 plates while playing the recorder*

Cancer: “So, hows everything at home?”

Leo: Introduces you as their s.o.

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Signs when someone flirts with their significant other


Aries: Acts on impulse. Immediately storms over and makes sure the flirter is well aware that the flirtee is in a relationship. Will get really mad if the flirter doesn’t go away, maybe start a fight, hands will be thrown.

Taurus: Taurus’ are naturally very possessive, so they’re most likely to drag their significant other away first, they probably won’t get mad, but will be upset if their partner did.

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Aries: Half sunshine, half hurricane

Taurus: Half gold, half roses

Gemini: Half midnight, half caffeine

Cancer: Half compromise, half resilence

Leo: Half laughter, half fire

Virgo: Half wisdom, half innocence

Libra: Half love, half selfishness

Scorpio: Half fear, half dominance

Sagittarius: Half ignorance, half determination

Capricorn: Half isolation, half independence

Aquarius: Half mystery, half liberty

Pisces: Half memory, half future



Aries:  We gladiate but I guess we’re really fighting ourselves. Roughing up our minds so we’re ready when the kill time comes. Wide awake in bed, words in my brain, “Secretly you love this do you even wanna go free?” – “Glory And Gore”

Taurus:  We’re never done with killing time. Can I kill it with you, ‘til the veins run red and blue? We come around here all the time, got a lot to not do. Let me kill it with you. – “400 Lux”

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Sometimes the signs are like their stereotypes

The most hot-headed person I know is an Aries.

The person I know to be the most insterested in food is a Taurus.

The most fickle person I know is a Gemini.

The most emotional person I know is a Cancer.

The most egoistical person I know is a Leo.

The most nitpicky person I know is a Virgo.

The person I know has the hardest time making decisions is a Libra.

The most posessive person I know is a Scorpio.

The person I know to always have too many projects on their plate is a Sagittarius.

The most workaholic person I know is a Capricorn.

The most rebellious person I know is an Aquarius.

The most escapist person I know is a Pisces.

And sometimes that is okay.

It’s no shame to be the stereotypical version of your sign. Stereotypes do not equal a bad person or anything like that. Just do what you do and also let other people be themselves.

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