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Aries is the first signs of the Zodiac; therefore, they experience their creation in sparks. Aries often does not know where their creativity comes from. They just know they have to jump on it in the fleeting moment before it is gone.

Taurus would rather stop and take a look at their surroundings before moving forward. They understand that when we move forward blindly it is easy to stumble and fall. Once Taurus begins to take their first steps towards their goal with clarity in their minds and hearts, like the bull Taurus never stops.

Gemini has flexible intelligence. They are naturally inclined to say yes to new experiences, not because they actually want to do it but because they are curious of the results if they say yes.

Cancer is one of the most encouraging signs of the Zodiac. When people are going to difficult times, Cancer listens and provides reassurance instead of dismissing and discouraging.

Virgo is one of the hardest workers of the Zodiac. Because they are such perfectionist, they will try again and again in their attempts to achieve perfection. Virgo works so hard because even though their work is better than everyone else’s, to them their work is never good enough.

Scorpios go after their objects of desire by concentrating fixed intense action towards the point where it will be most effective. Most Scorpios get what they want in the end because they never lose sight of what they want and they never let up.

Sagittarius is ruled by the biggest and most expansive planet, Jupiter. This is why Sagittarius people have such big personalities. This sign is the most open to accepting life as it comes at them. Sagittarius will say yes to everything, making sure they have the most expansive life possible.

Capricorn season takes place during the northern winter solstice. At this time the sun is furthest away from the earth. This is partially responsible for Capricorn’s cold demeanor, as the sun represents warmth.

Pisces has receptive and sensitive energy whirling around in their souls at all times. They pick up on all the energy going on around them and absorb it into themselves, allowing Pisces to have the best grasp on their surrounding environment of any Zodiac sign.

Aries have a zest for life and adventure, but they bore of situations quickly.

Taurus naturally posses a calm aura, that puts others at ease.

Gemini are the twins of the zodiac. They posses two different personalities in one body.

Cancer keep mementos throughout their life. Often, their home in decorated with photographs.

Leo, ruling the heart, want to uplift others and will do anything to make the people they love happy.

Out of all the zodiac signs, Virgo are most concerned with their health. They can become hypochondriacs.

Libra prefer to keep conversations light and airy, free from to heavy emotions.

Scorpio posses a depth to their emotions no other signs can match. They have a deep fear of being emotionally hurt by others.

Sagittarius guard their independence fiercely. They long for a life of complete freedom.

Capricorn prefer to think logically rather than emotionally. They can come off as feeling cold to more sensitive souls.

Aquarius appear as very extroverted people, however, they are very introverted and introspective.

Pisces wander through life in a sort of daydream. Often, they are present in two worlds at one time.