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The signs as actual things people have replied to my posts


Aries: I don’t know why but I am five different things in these (spoiler alert, it’s because it’s internet astrology!)

Taurus: I don’t like Facebook it’s boring

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The signs when drunk

Aries: more relaxed and open than usual… like they’ll actually tell you anything

Taurus: “You’re drunk” “F*CK YOU”

Gemini: won’t stop laughing and tells bad jokes that don’t make sense, plus no train of thought whatsoever

Cancer: runs off often and needs to be constantly supervised by a friend

Leo: Busy vomiting somewhere

Virgo: “You guys are such lightweights honestly, keep up”

Libra: I’m not drinking tonight *an hour later* FUCK ME UP

Scorpio: their inner desires become hard to hide from those they love and can be read like a book

Sagittarius: buddies with everyone but suffers a hardcore hangover the next day

Capricorn: *clearly drunk* I’M NOT DRUNK YET!

Aquarius: just – keeps – going

Pisces: either roasting everyone hardcore or explaining how much they love them – no in between

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The signs at work

Hard Working: 

Capricorn, Virgo, Leo

Chatting to their colleagues: 

Gemini, Sagittarius, Libra

Watching the clock until they finish: 

Aries, Cancer, Aquarius

Falling Asleep: 

Taurus, Scorpio, Pisces

Signs when they are being asked out

Aries: Wait what just happende

Taurus: Okay only if we get food

Gemini: *calls best friend*

Cancer: *awkward silence*

Leo: *says most inappropriate joke ever*

Virgo: *laughs hysterically not believing it’s happening*

Libra: *says the worst pun ever*

Scorpio: *caughs up diet coke* what

Sagittarius: *says yes way to many times*

Capricorn: *tries to look casual but is dying inside*

Aquarius: Hell yah I was wondering when you’d ask

Pisces: *faints*

The One Sign That Never Returns Your Text Messages

Aries: Virgo

Taurus: Gemini

Gemini: Capricorn

Cancer: Sagittarius

Leo: Pisces

Virgo: Aquarius

Libra: Scorpio

Scorpio: Leo

Sagittarius: Taurus

Capricorn: Libra

Aquarius: Cancer

Pisces: Aries



aries: it’s obvious, they are super projective over you and would fight someone for you. they’ll tease you but don’t want others being mean to you. will always have your back.

taurus: very touchy, feely and supportive to those they care about. they’ll pay a lot of attention to you and always remember small details about your life. they will be there for you 24/7.

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How often does your sign cry?

Aries: Maybe three times a year

Taurus: Once or twice a month

Gemini: Only when the situation requires it

Cancer: Probably everyday

Leo: Once a week

Virgo: Every six months or so

Libra: Too often

Scorpio: Has never cried in their life

Sagittarius: Once a year

Capricorn: Every two months or so

Aquarius: Once every nine years

Pisces: Is crying right now

How the Signs Say ‘I Hate You’


Aries: “You can go to hell”

Taurus: *doesn’t even tell you, just stops communicating with you completely*

Gemini: “I’m not exactly saying you’re toxic, but I’m definitely slipping under”

Cancer: *Gives one-word answers*

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“I have a weird taste in music but I love it and I’ll make you listen to it!”


Signs Born Under Summer, Spring, Winter and Fall


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