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I’m more than excited to let you know that my …

I’m more than excited to let you know that my book ‘Star Crossed Poetry’ is FINALLY out on Amazon! 

As many of you know, I’ve been posting Astro Poetry since the very beginning of this blog. Now that I did write a book with poems for all of the Zodiac Signs, it would mean the world to me if you could check it out and send me some feedback, or even just share this post to spread the word<3 

The book contains 65 poems, and it’s divided into 5 different sections, each one of them containing 12 poems for the 12 signs.

1. Within the Zodiac (Introduction & Descriptions)
2. Astro-Deviation (Stereotypes & Myth-Busting) 
3. The Lovers (Poetry for the Signs in Love/Their Emotional World)
4. Allegorically (Metaphors) eg,

“Being an Aries is having the soul on fire”, “Being a Libra is loving both sides of a story”

5. Valediction (Final words + with latin wordplay)

Official book blurb (with quotes from the poems): Every one of the Zodiac signs carries a distinct type of energy, exposed and knitted in this book with the main purpose of demystifying their virtues so as their faults. Aries is effervescent but free; Taurus protects what already found its way under their skin. Gemini is two half-singles struggling to be whole; Cancer is keeping their dreams safe under a glass dome. Leo loves admiration, but needs a lot more; while Virgo quiets the voices trying to defile their core. Libra is lost in romance novels, but found in pleasantries. Scorpio makes anyone forget where they’ve been. Sagittarius gallops through life in flames, in search of satisfaction. Capricorn has no patience for biochemical fluctuations. Aquarius wasn’t born for the butterflies in the stomach, but to save the world; as Pisces suffers for being nothing but a corporeal soul. 

Available to buy on Amazon US-
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It’s also available on other countries’ Amazon gateway too!

<3 Crystal

Description for Capricorn Sun + Scorpio Moon…

Description for Capricorn Sun + Scorpio Moon [Info Post about Sun & Moon Signs]

Description for Capricorn Sun + Libra Moon […

Description for Capricorn Sun + Libra Moon [Info Post about Sun & Moon Signs]

Virgo Sun + Gemini Moon: Temperance Brennan


Robotic Tendencies

People readily assume the Virgo/Gemini native has a cold heart. It’s true, they are objective thinkers- and objective feelers. Ruled by Mercury, ruled by the intellect, they use their mind to rationalize all their sentimental troubles (“it doesn’t make sense!”), but that doesn’t mean they don’t have any emotional substance. They try to keep emotions under control to avoid unexpected/uncomfortable situations. Cool and collected, never losing composure, there’s a certain aloofness about them, though when solicited, they can be very serviceable and resourceful, ready to help and make themselves useful. Usually workaholics (as with all Virgo Suns), they have high standards when it comes to work (or say, life in general). Perfectionists by nature, they’re painfully direct when criticizing something, in the name of “improving” or “working constructively” on it. They mean no harm. Without even trying, they can spot a mistake from miles away. Nothing gets past their observant eyes and analytical mind. Because they exercise it so much, through books and articles and classes, they are always eager to learn something new. Their mind never stops, and they don’t want it to stop: there’s too many possibilities to explore, so many problems to solve! This also means they worry too much and have a hard time relaxing, so they’re at risk for extreme anxiety and nervousness. Esp. because they see error before they see merit, and have a predominantly negative-pessimistic nature. Despite this, and despite being typically cynical, the Gemini Moon gives them the gift to embrace new ideas instead of rejecting them immediately, as they’re not as closed-minded as it might seem. They’re flexible and adaptable, available to re-write the plan whenever the situation calls for it. In love, they need mental stimulation the most. For them, a relationship is more about companionship than anything else- they need someone to share their ideas with.

-Crystal Melbourne, Within the Zodiac | tumblr

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me & my demons

♈ Aries: Anger from 5 min ago I don’t care about now
♉ Taurus: Spending your paycheck on treating friends
♊ Gemini: Inability to commit to a decision
♋ Cancer: Desire for people who break my heart
♌ Leo: Hilarious drunk videos of me I’m lowkey proud of
♍ Virgo: Everything I could improve upon myself
♎ Libra: Unnecessary apologizing
♏ Scorpio: Constant, secret loyalty tests
♐ Sagittarius: Trash opinion I defended just for giggles
♑ Capricorn: Overpacked schedule I set up for myself
♒ Aquarius: Random, uncalled for rant about injustice
♓ Pisces: Failed attempt to save someone

Ambitious, Regal, Easily Fascinated. 

Ambitious, Regal, Easily Fascinated. 

Aesthetic/ Moodboard Post for: Leo Sun & Sagittarius Moon | Info on Sun & Moon signs | Requested by wolvesmakesheepbleed + sadspacegoat  + roastytoastyjosty + blackkdress 

Beguiling, Naturalist, Sophisticated. 

Beguiling, Naturalist, Sophisticated. 

Aesthetic/ Moodboard Post for: Taurus Sun & Libra Moon | Info on Sun & Moon signs | Requested by psychcsis + m-a-n-d-o-l-i-n

Never have I ever

♈ Aries: Backed down from a challenge
♉ Taurus: Lost the string of thought in an argument
♊ Gemini: Stopped myself from engaging in a debate
♋ Cancer: Ignored my gut feelings
♌ Leo: Given less than 100% of me
♍ Virgo: Left a task unfinished
♎ Libra: Said no to a loved one
♏ Scorpio: Not learned from my mistakes
♐ Sagittarius: Said no to unexpected plans/invitations
♑ Capricorn: Fallen for mind games
♒ Aquarius: Not had an opinion about something
♓ Pisces: Put pride over love

Scorpio Sun + Leo Moon: Jay Gatsby


Busy Heart, Busy Mind

If you were born under the Sun in Scorpio & Moon in Leo, you are highly determined & ambitious- once you set your mind on something, you won’t let go of it until you succeed. In your mind, you visualize your success & how to achieve it, so anything is possible as your imagination is vividly rich. You have dreams of a better life, of reaching higher, and you most definitely are capable of climbing this ladder. Any idea that comes across your mind can be made real, as long as you put the effort to materialize it. Your desires are strong and your goals are of the upmost importance to you- because of this, you can often create the most complex schemes in your scorpion mind, which combined with the courage & passion of the Leo, takes you to new levels of accomplishment others can only dream of. When you see an opportunity, you just take it, like you always knew the path to success. This is why you’re able to excel at life- and the only thing running against you, is your impatient nature. You don’t have time for people standing in your way when you’re focused following your dreams, nor to listen to unsolicited advice.. Though be aware others have important lessons to teach you, too. When it comes to love, you are idealistic, extreme, lustful and intense. Everything is perfect (or has to be), in your mind. A born romantic, the Scorpio moon makes you love in a profound, almost obsessive way, while the leonine side of you tells you to be as expressive as you can, if you’re going to confess, the least you can do is showing your love in grand, spectacular ways. Avoid trying to control people, though. You can sometimes be manipulative in the way you try to shape others to fit your ideas.. And you might end up delusional, lost in the illusions you create in your mind, and most of all, you get frustrated because people keep disappointing you, and you can’t do anything about it. Your emotions play a part in this too, as they can sweep you away quite regularly, so you must try really hard to refrain yourself. Life is good, and “anything is possible”, but follow this motto with a grain of salt. You have a tendency to be extremely self-indulgent, esp. when you’re feeling down and lost your hopes. Learn to remain positive even when life throws rocks at you- and don’t brush your feelings off by compensating with superficial pleasures. Sluggishness, lustfulness & your pride are your worst enemies. 

-Crystal Melbourne, Within the Zodiac | tumblr

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Description for Capricorn Sun + Leo Moon [In…

Description for Capricorn Sun + Leo Moon [Info Post about Sun & Moon Signs]