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Refined, Courteous,  Co-dependent. 

Aesthetic/ Moodboard Post for: Libra Sun & Taurus Moon | Info on Sun & Moon signs | Requested by psloveteli +


Contemplative, Curious, Mentally restless. 

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Methodical, Aspiring, Judgmental.

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Key Phrase: Planning for success
Remarkable Traits: Pragmatic and efficient. Born negotiators because they always know what others want. Self-protective and in love with security/safety. Doesn’t waste time, and cares for what’s necessary.
Dark Side: Judgmental, expects and thrives on perfection. Can be inconsistent and moody. Mutable and indecisive. Vulnerable to the moods of those around them. Impatient.

Key Phrase: Heading West, Definitely
Remarkable Traits: Hard-working and realistic. Sets down-to-earth goals and follows their plans until the end. Tendency to observe and analyze others. Very pragmatic when it comes to life in general. Methodical and efficient.
Dark Side: A bit more complicated emotionally wise, tends to overthink, and usually lets pride and stubbornness get in the way. A perfectionist. Can be a harsh critic and demand too much from others/themselves.

Hard-Working (+ Perfectionist), Elegant, Controlling. 

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Key Phrase: Welcome to my home, take off your shoes
Remarkable Traits: Fastidious, hard-working, very determined. Efficient and pragmatic. Intuitive, able to instantly know what others need/expect/desire. Respectful and hospitable. Intense feelings.
Dark Side: Too anxious. Tendency to feel random rushes of nervous energy. Moody & can be very hostile. Impatient. Trying to tame their feelings feels like suffocating. Obsessive.

Supportive, Instinctive, Overly cautious. 

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Key Phrase: Big smile, bigger heart
Remarkable Traits: Very self-aware, intuitive, emotionally intelligent. Fairly assertive, with strong self-preservation instincts. Intensely passionate when defending their ideals and standing up for those they love.
Dark Side: Too serious about themselves, takes everything personally. Too sensitive about what other people say/think about them. Tendency to play the victim.

Loyal, Receptive, Hedonistic.

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