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Juno in the signs & Your Romantical interests

Juno in Aries is looking for someone who will make them feel alive
Juno in Taurus desires someone they can count on…forever
Juno in Gemini wants to be wowed, astounded on the mental plane
Juno in Cancer needs someone who will take care of them
Juno in Leo is attracted to fun, charming, warm personalities
Juno in Virgo needs someone who makes plans on a regular basis
Juno in Libra seeks The Soulmate, the one who completes them
Juno in Scorpio craves that fiery passion, someone who is 100% devoted
Juno in Sagittarius seeks someone who opens up their mind
Juno in Capricorn will only commit to someone who’s serious & consistent
Juno in Aquarius falls for the geniuses, for the hippies, for the hipsters..
Juno in Pisces dreams of finding someone to share their soul with, the perfectly magical union

by crystal melbourne | within the zodiac | “where’s my juno?”

Juno in the Houses & where/how you’ll meet your soulmate

Juno in the first: Love at first sight
Juno in the second: In your hometown
Juno in the third: At the local library
Juno in the fourth: Childhood sweethearts
Juno in the fifth: During vacations or leisure time
Juno in the sixth: A co-worker/ at work
Juno in the seventh: Wherever it is, it will feel like a movie scene
Juno in the eighth: Starting off as a sexual relationship
Juno in the ninth: At college or while travelling abroad
Juno in the tenth: At a social gathering
Juno in the eleventh: Online dating
Juno in the twelfth: You’ll dream about them

Juno in the Houses


Juno in First: With
Juno in the first house, the individual feels best seated in their identity
when they are in a partnership. Support of a relationship helps promote their
own self-expression and they may feel more secure in themselves.

Juno in Second: Mutual
interdependency is an important factor in this placement’s relationship.
Financial and material security may be derived from their relationship, and
there will likely be attachment and shared possessions.

Juno in Third: Verbal
communication and intellectual stimulation are necessary for this person’s
relationship to flow smoothly. The partner may become a catalyst for

Juno in Fourth: Security
in a relationship is of vital importance for this person to perform daily
activities. May prefer a mate who serves as a nurturer/provider. Relationship
is very personal and homey. 

Juno in Fifth: The
relationship may inspire one’s personal creativity. There may also be a high
sense of fulfillment from parenting children. Much of the relationship will be
focused on creative endeavors.

Juno in Sixth:
There is a desire to be able work efficiently and effectively with their
partner. They may find fulfillment in small everyday achievements they reach
with their partner.

Juno in Seventh: Life-long
partnerships are intensely valued, along with an intimate connection with their
significant other. There is an emphasis on building a lasting relationship that
is in positive growth.

Juno in Eighth: Highly
emotionally charged experiences thrill and strengthen these relationships.
Partners put each other through constant growth and transformation. There is an
extra emphasis on physicality and power in the relationship.

Juno in Ninth: These
people seek a higher meaning and truth through their relationships. Mutual
respect is important, and much of the relationship will be based around
philosophical, religious, or transformative concepts.

Juno in Tenth: These
people have their relationship on display and are viewed as a perfect couple. This
placement may also suggest someone who is solely devoted to their career.
Partnership may be based on means of gaining social status.

Juno in Eleventh:
Friendship is the most important aspect in the relationship. Their relationship
needs to be able to extend to family, social events, and friends. This
relationship may depict a couple that are devoted to other people, while being
in harmony with each other.

Juno in Twelfth: Individuals
may feel their relationship to be karmic in nature. Their partnerships may feel
destined, somewhat like a soulmate. On the surface level, their relationships
may not make sense- but there is always a deep, unseen emotional connection
that rules the partnership. This placement may signify a loss of a partner, but
it also may signify a joyful union of much depth.

Note- These house placements only depict the one-sided desires/needs
of a person’s natal chart. If curious about what both partners in a
relationship value as a whole, I recommend looking at the Juno house placement
of the relationships’ COMPOSITE chart.