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The signs in leo’s perspective

aries: you guys bring me so much happy vibes and positive energy. in my saddest moments your smile makes me so happy and alive. you are so warm and i can do literally anything with you guys like just sitting there or listening to music together and still count it as great time i spent. you make me feel alive.

taurus: you guys sometimes annoy me but you also make me feel very very warm and loved. you give the best cuddles and hugs. you make me feel relaxed.

gemini: I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! i can relate to you on so many levels and you guys are so f u n n y, i forget everything that makes me sad and anxious when im with you. you have very warm smiles. smiles that make you feel like home. you make me feel real happiness.

cancer: you are so damn funny and such a cute lil smol bean that needs to be protected at all costs!!!! you guys make me feel at home. you remind me that world still has beauty left in it, that it’s not all about darkness and heartlessness. you make me feel secured and safe.

leo: you! are! so! damn! bright!!!!! you shine so bright that you make everyone want to shine with you. you bring me out of my comfort-zone. you make me want to dance and go crazy with you. you make me want to stop caring too much about everything and let go. you teach me how to let go.

virgo: you guys are so damn relatable. you remind me of how small details change the hugest and most important things in everything. you make me want to learn more about so many different things. i feel like you guys always have something in mind and that just amazes me. i see it as a really beautiful and an attractive thing. you show me beauty.

libra: you guys are warm and easy-going. you are the typical best friend that everyone wishes they could have. you are very forgiving and can’t hold a grudge but when someone treats you bad, they absolutely lose you. you try to make people happy even when you need it the most. you show me generosity.

scorpio: you are so grown up and so fun at the same time. you are also very secretive, and so many people think they know you when they really don’t. you try to forget everything that makes you sad, and live, and i see that as a form of bravery. i see you as a really brave person. you let yourself love whoever knowing that you might end up hurt. you show me bravery.

sagittarius: you are so amazing and interesting, i feel like you hide so much under a mask and you listen from here and there but stay silent. people think you know so less but you know more than everyone in the room. i feel like you are full of life and you really love getting out of your comfort-zone and doing new things. you make me feel like life is a big adventure and we have to go through the bad and good weathers. you teach me how to be adventurous and carefree.

capricorn: you are very freaking funny and random. you make me really happy inside. they say that you are full of pessimism but i see you as a really bright person. you are also very creative. you are the relatable kind but not the typical one, which is somehow you are so particular yet so similar. you are a form of art.

aquarius: i feel like you are a huge know-it-all yet sometimes you appear dumb, in a cute way. you are very warm and you feel like home. you are a home to so many people yet it’s so rare of you to feel at home. you crave fitting in but when you don’t get it, you become the biggest rebel. you also crave care but rarely ever admit it. you like to hide your sadness away from people because you think when you talk about it so much you will dip yourself into it more. you have a soul of an innocent child. you make me feel like home.

pisces: you are very anxious and you seem confused most of the time. you are easily hurt and you need to be taken care of all the time, because you are way too precious for this scary world. you try your hardest to be a good person and you are the sweetest. you seem to have a soul of a child but you know a lot and you are very wise. you are sometimes dreamy and distracted. i feel lost in your beauty when i look at your dreamy face. you bring me hope and faith.

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What I hear each sign say on a daily basis

Aries: “Guess what?? I was in *starts bragging about something sports or some type of activity*”

Taurus: “I mean we’re like compatible.” ((Even though they aren’t compatible aT ALL))

Gemini: “What the actual fuck *insert best friend’s name here*?”

Cancer: “That actually hurt”

Leo: “I mean, come on, I’m straight as a pole.”

Virgo: “No. No. NO. NO!!”

Libra: “I love you girl”

Scorpio: *Something really dark and depressing but makes it come off as a joke*

Sagittarius: “GUYS SHUT UP IM GOING TO TELL YOU A REALLY FUNNY STORY”((story isn’t even funny at all and everyone is confused))

Capricorn: “I’m so honored”

Aquarius: “I don’t know, I wasn’t listening”

Pisces: “You cutie armadillo!”

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The signs and what they’re doing in Science class

Aries: Listening to the teacher (like a nerd)

Taurus: Laughing at the pictures in their Biology books

Gemini: Mixing chemicals and starting fires

Cancer: Crying bc they somehow lost an eyebrow

Leo: Drawing on the desk

Virgo: Trying to come up with sentences using the periodic table

Libra: Pissing the teacher off and annoying the class with their questions

Scorpio: Being a lazybones

Sagittarius: Cheating off their neighbor

Capricorn: Frantically chanting “bill bill bill bill” with the occasional “BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY”

Aquarius: Playing with the fake skeleton

Pisces: Realizing this isn’t History class


Aries: Telling people off, you guys do it so well as long as the other person isn’t speaking, but that’s not a problem though since you won’t let them talk anyway. 

Taurus: Helping parents with electronics, you’re very patient and people need people like you to help their parents with their new iPhone 6 Plus 7.

Gemini: Pulling elaborate pranks on others, you probably already do it for free so why not start getting paid for doing it?

Cancer: Watching people sleep, you’re a calming presence so I’m sure people would enjoy having you in their home to keep them company all night.

Leo: Being a shopping partner, you love treating yourself well so why not help others treat themselves well, just don’t get carried away okok.

Virgo: Being a constructive criticizer, you notice things about people that the average person tends to not notice, but remember you’re not Gordon Ramsay.

Libra: Becoming someone’s best friend for a day, you’re definitely a person’s person and some people can’t help but to be drawn to you.

Scorpio: You have a business of having all these other signs come to you for help with establishing their businesses because you’re the supreme sign and what you say goes.

Sagittarius: Telling people bad news, you’re blunt and at times you may offend others so now you can finally use your two talents and get paid.

Capricorn: Doing people’s homework duh, do I need to explain this? Exactly.

Aquarius: Giving people ideas for their essays, you’re full of ideas but you have no idea what to do with them so why not just give them away for a profit?

Pisces: Giving advice, you have an optimistic spirit and are able to tell people what they need to hear (no matter how bad it is) without making them feel awful about themselves.

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Signs when someone flirts with their significant other


Aries: Acts on impulse. Immediately storms over and makes sure the flirter is well aware that the flirtee is in a relationship. Will get really mad if the flirter doesn’t go away, maybe start a fight, hands will be thrown.

Taurus: Taurus’ are naturally very possessive, so they’re most likely to drag their significant other away first, they probably won’t get mad, but will be upset if their partner did.

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How the Zodiac Signs Act When They See a Ghost

Aries: Doesn’t believe their eyes!

Taurus: Pretends that they don’t see it or looks away!

Gemini: Screams bloody murder!

Cancer: Might think it is a loved one who has passed away.

Leo: Yells at the ghost to tell it to go away!

Virgo: Stands in shock or runs! Their survival mode kicks in!

Libra: Finds some salt, incense, good luck charms, anything to protect themselves or “purge” the area.

Scorpio: Is fascinated by it!

Sagittarius: Runs around the room or house and turns on all the lights.

Capricorn: Tries to figure out what they really saw or heard…. because come on, no way was that a ghost.  

Aquarius: Says “ha I got you know!” and runs towards the ghost.

Pisces: Feels connected to the ghost somehow.

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How Signs Shows Affection


Aries: Smothers you with kisses when you’re hurt and also ready to kicka@& for you. Passionately grabs you, dives into intimacy, speaks freely.

Taurus: Wants hugs and cuddles but doesn’t always initiate. Rubs your back when you’re upset as well as maybe cooks/offers you food. Stable.

Gemini: Encouraging with words. Likes to hold hands or play with your hair. Wants to make you laugh and get you to share. Teasing and attentive.

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How These 12 Zodiac Signs Act When It Comes To Work


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The signs

The Signs Filming A Movie Together

Aries: The stunt double; ready for some kick ass action; gets upset when they find out it’s a romance and end up not doing anything super dangerous

Taurus: Designated movie critic; ends up doing a lot of napping in their dressing room during the filming

Gemini: An extra; can’t decide what to wear that will make the world fall in love with them in the five seconds they’ll be on screen

Cancer: The star of the movie; has a sex scene with Leo

Leo: Starring opposite Cancer; has a lot of fun hooking up with them on and off stage

Virgo: The janitor; constantly curses out everyone for not picking up after themselves

Libra: Another actor; the brat that keeps demanding water and shit

Scorpio: The serial killer in the movie. Wait. Isn’t this a romance? Someone call the cops. This violence is not in the script!

Sagittarius: Keeps annoying Capricorn to let them be in the movie; settles with being a security guard because Capricorn neglected to mention that it would be a boring and unnecessary job

Capricorn: The director of the film; keeps yelling at Cancer to get their lines right

Aquarius: Wanders on set by accident; ends up in bed with Cancer and Leo

Pisces: The fangirl/boy who cheers everyone on and brings snacks

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