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Aries actively chases experiences that make them feel alive. They understand that joy and life comes to you through action. When you are sitting around at home you are not living life to the fullest. Aries does not want to get old and look back on their life with regret. They want to know they lead the most exciting life they could possibly have had.

Taurus has two different types of obsessions with food. Some eat purely for enjoyment and pollute their bodies. Taurus individuals who are channeling their energy to the highest level take care of their bodies. They are careful about what they choose to eat in order to be their healthiest. These individuals use food as a way to feel their best and nourish their souls, instead of trying to fill a void.

Gemini uses music to fight off their depressive episodes. Many Gemini’s always have music going where they are home alone. Many Gemini individuals put on a facade that they are lighthearted and carefree all the time. When they are alone they let their depth sink in and use music as a means to draw that depth out.

Cancer is the most connected to the past and nostalgia. Their opposite sign, Capricorn, is always looking forward; therefore, Cancer is always looking backward. While having a love of nostalgia is not a bad thing, Cancer runs the danger for living in past because they believe it to be better and never really connecting to the here and now.

Leo is highly connected to the concept of their youth. They want to be forever young. In order to Leo to be fulfilled, they need to surround themselves with people who encourage them to stay young.forever. People who try to hurry up and age Leo will drain them and are not the people Leo needs to surround themselves with. Leo needs other people who also behave young and wild. Those are the people who bring out the true Leo soul.

Virgo will often act happy in situations where they are actually miserable. What Virgo does not realize, however, is that Virgo’s misery as actually apparent to everyone in the room. They are not good at hiding their bad moods. Virgo can bring everyone’s vibes down without realizing it and then wonder why people are upset with them.

Libra believes that relationships become stronger and more stable through communication. The more you let people in by communicating your feelings, the more deep of an emotional attachment you develop with the other person. Libra is the most open to sharing their emotions of all the air signs. You can have a more honest and emotional exchange with Libra than Gemini or Aquarius.

Scorpio can feel quite alone in the world. They often feel like most people around them do not possess the depth that they do. Scorpio seeks companionship but is often disappointed by the people in their lives. Scorpio is the most intense sign when it comes to loyalty in the whole Zodiac. They need to learn that just because someone does not show the same intensity, does not mean that person is not capable of loyalty too.

Sagittarius will need to get away from their everyday lives from time to time. If Sagittarius is constantly in the city in which they reside, life will become too mundane. Sagittarius needs to get away to other locations in order to not grow tired of and appreciate their homes.

Capricorn is a very sensual sign. They are an earth sign, which means they are deeply in touch with their body. Capricorn needs sensual pleasures in order to take care of themselves. They do not have as much of an emotional connection towards sex but are more focused on the physical enjoyment of it at the time.