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Aries: When you fall in love with someone over and over again.

Taurus: When you get to hold someone’s hand for the first time or receiving a really tight and warm hug.

Gemini: When you laugh so hard that your stomach begins to hurt, but you continue to laugh because of the amount of joy it brings you.

Cancer: Seeing a baby or small child smile at you or hearing the laughter of a baby.

Leo: When you unexpectedly have an amazing day and it leaves a permanent smile for the rest of the day.

Virgo: When you’re listening to certain music that makes you feel calm and gives you chills that causes your hair to stand up.

Libra: Having a strong interest in something and perusing it.

Scorpio: When you release all the emotions you’ve been repressing and you finally get an sense of relief.

Sagittarius: Going on adventures with your friends and having the time of your life. 

Capricorn: When you watch a movie with a deep meaning and it gives you a different outlook on life.

Aquarius: Sitting down in a crowded area and watching people going on with their lives and wondering “who they are” and “what is their story”.

Pisces: Being alive.

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Aries: Your ideal partner will take care of situations you’re unable to take care of. This is someone who knows how to motivate you in ways you could never imagine.

Taurus: : Your ideal partner is very stable. You’ll feel more confident and comfortable with who you are thanks to your ideal partner.

Gemini: : Your ideal partner is quick on their feet and are very versatile. They’ll be up for anything and you will never have to worry about stepping on their toes.

Cancer: : Your ideal partner is nurturing. You need that security and affection and your ideal partner will never fail at providing you with it.

Leo: Your ideal partner will always treat you like the true King and Queen you are. You will never have to question how they feel about you because they will always show it.

Virgo: Your ideal partner will always help right your wrongs and guide you in a direction that’ll make you the best person you can be. If they criticize and push you it’s because they know you’re capable of so much more.

Libra: Your ideal partner is charming.  They are approachable and receptive to feedback without being overly sensitive about any topic.

Scorpio: With your ideal partner there are no discrepancies between their words and actions. You’ll be able to open up to them and let them take care of you, which is something you might’ve not been able to do before.

Sagittarius: Your ideal partner is someone who stands out from the crowd and pride themselves on being unique. You’re going to encounter a lot of conditions that aren’t perfect and you need a partner who isn’t going to run away.

Capricorn: Your ideal partner is someone who comes into your life as a blessing and not someone who is just going to add more stress to your life.

Aquarius: Your idea partner is someone who’s pave their own path. They always lead by example. They’re someone you can bare your soul to and not feel like you’re being judged every step of the way.

Pisces: Your ideal partner is someone who’s always working towards a better and happier life. No matter how difficult the road get they never lose hope.

Aries: More of an offbeat bride who’s never been one to take the normal route? Buck tradition with an alternative wedding theme, and roll with it however you see fit. If cool, moody color palettes and creative stand-ins match your style better than bright flora and been-there-done-that wedding decor, then an alternative theme has your name written all over it. Push the boundaries as much as you want.

Taurus: Soft hues, delicate lighting, and plenty of florals typically make up a romantic wedding. For this theme, envision pastels, hanging lights, even chandeliers, calligraphy, and a flower wall.

Gemini: For the whimsical couple, your wedding will be one of bright splashes of colour and quirky, bohemian components. Incorporate design elements like multicolored balloons, streamers, punchy floral arrangements, and mismatched chairs for lovely, whimisical wedding.

Cancer: String lights, mason jars, twine, lace, and all wood everything contribute to the simple and homey vibe of the rusticwedding theme. Consider a more rural venue like a chic and intimate barn.

Leo: Bright pinks, greens, and navy blues are the name of the preppy game, which can also go hand-in-hand with nautical weddings. A preppy theme allows you to blend formality with fun through bold patterns, tasteful bows, dainty fonts, and cheery flowers.

Virgo: Think clean lines, geometric shapes, and minimal design. A modern theme knows few bounds. Put a modern spin on anything from your wedding dress to your venue decorations, like sleek seats, a cool structural backdrop, or a bold color scheme, and don’t forget greenery and cream balloons.

Libra: If you envision a more intimate, casual ceremony, opt for an outdoor garden party-themed wedding. This laid-back style is perfect if you have a backyard wedding on the brain and a spring or summer date.

Scorpio: Your love was written in the stars, so translate that mentality onto your wedding theme, with a celestial style wedding. Kick off the festivities with star-infused invites, and use your venue to create the ambiance of a night sky. Even your dress can channel the ultimate celestial vibes. The sky’s the limit with this theme, so get creative with a constellation guest book, cake, and ceremony backdrop.

Sagittarius: Just like your wedding dress will most likely look, a bohemian wedding remains cool and carefree, but still beautiful. Keep your venue decorations simplistically elegant, with oriental rugs lining the aisle and altar, decorative pillows, or hanging macramé decorations.  

Capricorn: Envision you and your guests dressing to the nines on your formal black tie-scale wedding. For nuptials this grandiose, you’ll want to pull out all the stops and include complete table settinggs – wine glasses and all – with a full sit-down dinner, posh seating, ornate flower arrangements – even on the cake! -, and an exquisite head table, just to name a few formalities.

Aquarius: Draw inspiration from decades past if you want a vintage style for your wedding – and one of the easiest ways to channel this is through your wedding outfit and beauty look. As for the ceremony and reception, you can rely on antique-looking decor, like weathered doors and worn-in wood seats, to further exemplify a vintage-inspired wedding. For your last hoorah, finish off the vintage theme driving away in a classic getaway car, like an old Porsche or Volkswagen.  

Pisces: The timeless art-deco style features Great Gatsby-era lavishness, complete with robust fonts, ornate gold and sparkles, and plenty of geometric shapes with sharp lines, similar to a modern theme, it’s all about tasteful glitz and jazz-age glam with an ode to vintage allure.

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Aries: Chimera

The Chimera is a fire-breathing Fusion of several animals mixed into one creature; a Snake for a Tail, two large Bat Wings, their body is a mix of a Goat and a Lion, and they have 2 heads in the forms of a Goat and Lion. The Chimera’s bold and fiery nature is a great match for the passionate and determined Aries!

Taurus: Akhlut

The Akhlut is an Inuit monster, thought to be a powerful water spirit. Though it may appear as a large Orca when in Water, when it is on land, the Akhlut takes the form of a ½ Wolf and ½ Orca hybrid. The Akhlut is a sturdy and powerful creature, making it a great fit for Taurus.

Gemini: Vampire

A Vampire is a humanoid creature who feeds on human blood, as well as having the abilities to transform into a bat or wolf, not having shadows or reflections, can control weather, and slight immortality. However, a Vampire can be defeated by Garlic & Holy Symbols, they lose their powers in sunlight, and a wooden stake driven into their heart can easily kill them. Although they are definitely a monster, Vampires are also depicted as fancy and beautiful. Their adaptable and eccentric nature definitely makes them great for Gemini.

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Aries: bought 4 pepe pillow cases and refused to tell me where he got them from

Taurus: came into my room and lightly placed 3 smiley face stickers on my face

Gemini: owned a wild pet turkey named dill

Cancer: cried 5 minutes into the new star wars

Leo: was casually playing the he man song on a tuesday morning at 5am while drinking his coffee

Virgo: sent me a picture of our cat named Meow with the caption “shes a ham”  

Libra: asked me how he could copyright his idea of a “cat comedy” where humans are the size of cats and cats are the size of humans

Scorpio: picked up our cat Leo and carried him into his room while saying “we need some male bonding time” and smooched his head

Sagittarius: bought his own 8$ pepe pin from amazon with two day shipping and wears it to work daily in hopes of someone noticing it

Capricorn: while eating dinner, dropped his fork on the ground and charged outside in the middle of winter yelling “go away” to the birds that were picking on other birds

Aquarius: when i asked him why he liked pepe so much he responded “he’s…like me”

Pisces: gave me the silent treatment after i responded to him saying “im hungry” with “hi hungry im dad”

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**check sun + moon + dominant sign **

Aries: adores liquid lipstick so much they currently own like 20+ lipsticks in all shades of the rainbow.

Taurus: sticks to the make up they know and trust, not crazy about current trends. LOVES lipstick over liquid lipstick.

Gemini: has made it their life goal to make their cheekbones glow like a ray of golden sunshine 24/7. Owns all the highlights of your dreams

Cancer: is not into shimmers, they prefer everything to be matte and neutral and the highest quality possible.

Leo: contouring is what they are experts at and its their favourite part of make up, they love the way it makes their features pop.

Virgo: lashes lashes lashes. They own every style you can dream of and it is their favourite make up item, its so subtle but makes you look so flawless

Libra: experiments with new looks and colours and brands all the time. Lives for new trends and new make up.

Scorpio: owns a lot of make-up, literally everything, but does the same look everyday. Collects make up because they love it but mostly because of the beautiful packaging.

Sagittarius: is sick of the neutrals and warm toned trend already, want something different to be trending.

Capricorn: dislikes lipgloss because Cap wants commitment and loyalty in life, none of this only staying for 1 hour on my lips business.

Aquarius: lives for the mono-chromatic make up trend and never wants it to go out of style, dislikes blush.

Pisces: thinks they are a make up scientist, they constantly mix lipstick shades to find that ‘perfect shade’.

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Aries: random video related to a hobby of theirs ((sport, art, travelling)), beauty hacks, memes taken from fb or tumblr

Taurus: cute animal videos, choose a number, get a playlist/outfit/celebrity, niche memes and starter packs

Gemini: pictures and video of their favorite celebrities, funny videos/compilations, fanarts

Cancer: compilations of people singing/dancing, niche memes, a bit of zodiac related posts

Leo: random posts from their friends or their friends’ friends, posts from popular beauty girls on ig, travelling related photography ((so cities, nature,,))

Virgo: clothes/outfits for each zodiac sign, aesthetical photography, lifestyle/studying tips and tricks

Libra: aesthetics, startek packs, usually related to fashion, vintage posts and photos

Scorpio: food videos, relationship tips and tricks and advice, entertainment related posts ((movies, books, TV shows))

Sagittarius: makeup and fashion posts, usually pretty extravagant, politics or celebrity gossip, starter packs

Capricorn: a little bit of politics, beauty threads, aesthetical videos

Aquarius: screenshots of relatable posts, fashion posts, hipster photography

Pisces: slime videos, DIYs, choose a friend/outfit/fighter memes

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Aries: be sweet and personable. make them feel welcome, and allow them to express themselves. do not ignore them when they need to talk to someone.

Taurus: be open and caring. give them comfort and a sense of security. do not betray their trust, ever…for your own good.

Gemini: be outgoing and energetic. try to cheer them up when they need, and be optimistic towards them. do not try to one-up them when they’re proud of something they’ve done.

Cancer: be thoughtful and sympathetic. listen to them when they need to vent to someone. do not insult them, especially behind their back, because they will find out.

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Aries: A streetlamp, showing you the way- whether you like it or not.

Taurus: A headlight, they are bright and forewarning. Dont forget who you can catch in them.

Gemini: A candle, here with power and will- and then Woosh!- gone!

Cancer: Reflected moonlight on the ocean, transitional and mystic- without reason, and a remaining sense of susceptibility.

Leo: Sunlight breaking into a room, the release of home fire and energy with no bounds.

Virgo: Distant coach lights on the outside of homes, they give off glimpses of themselves, inviting you to their insanity

Libra: The led screen, the open door to a world unknown, but dont stare too long. their beauty is best seen from the outside.

Scorpio: The illuminated city! Bright, flashes of energy! but what do they seek? in a genuine sense, even they may not know!

Sagittarius: Streetlight, they are giving you signals! some follow out of routine, others press them like challenges, just listen!

Capricorn: A strobe light, as they can blind and set the mood. Do not focus on the speed or the intensity- focus on why they strobe.

Aquarius: Any colored light (red, blue, yellow, etc) Why do you disguise yourself like this? Let your power echo, rather than the front that you project!

Pisces: Starlight that faces those lucky people. They reach out to you with their minds, let them hear your call!

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Aries: “Maybe YOU should be stripped naked and run out for making a mockery of this court!”

Taurus: Miles Edgeworth wearing Phoenix’s badge during “Bridge to the Turnabout.”

Gemini: “I wonder if there’s anything I can give him to express how I feel” *literally hands him a whip*

Cancer: Phoenix wanting to “hug it out” in “Bridge to the Turnabout.”

Leo: In the live-action movie when they share the most romantically-charged handshake ever.


Libra: The entirety of Phoenix’s story of why he became a lawyer for Miles in “Turnabout Goodbyes.”

Scorpio: The entire pre-trial cutscene in “Turnabout for Tomorrow.”

Sagittarius: Damon Gant calling them ‘a good pair’ in “Rise From the Ashes.”

Capricorn: “Your hatred for me is quite unhealthy. Not to mention one-sided.”

Aquarius: The saga of the Gay Chess Set.

Pisces: Going to Trucy’s magic shows together during Dual Destinies.

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