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“Don’t tell me you miss me. Tell me you’re outside and you need to se me.”


“Mess with me? I’ll let karma do it’s job. Mess with my family? I become karma.”


“If you’re nice to me, I’ be nice to you. If you’re a b*tch to me, I’ll be your worst f*cking nightmare, okay?”


how to tell when the signs like you

Aries: gives you all their attention and super protective. discourages any other possible partners from liking you.

Taurus: not super obvious. will shower you with gifts and compliments or watch you from afar.

Gemini: always wants to be around you. super flirty.

Cancer: laughs at every joke you make. gets shy around you. blushes a lot.

Leo: will pay extra attention to you. most likely to just come right out and tell you.

Virgo: will do a bunch of little things for you. will do anything to win your affection while still trying to stay cool.

Libra: constantly flirts with you. very touchy.

Scorpio: will try to seduce you. will probably just tell you.

Sagittarius: will talk to their friends about you. will forfeit their free time to be with you.

Capricorn: they stare at you constantly. they will try to become your best friend first.

Aquarius: tries to persuade you into liking them. “casually” talks to you to find out your interests.

Pisces: hides from you. blushes whenever you are around.

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Things I associate the signs with.

Aries: Midnight adventures. Scraped knees. Fighting for what you believe in. Impulsive decisions. Slanted grins.

Taurus: 10+ year friendships. Netflix marathons. Coming back better than ever. Showing your full potential. Burning anger.

Gemini: Laughing until your stomach hurts. Sleepovers. Lasting friendships, the ones where even after you’ve been away a while you go back and it feels 

you’ve never been apart. Feeling like you’ve known someone forever but really just meeting them.

Cancer: Walking along the beach with someone you love. Family pets. Sunflowers. Bittersweet romance.

Leo: Glitter. Concerts. That one person that was in your classes back in high school that everyone knew of. Unforgettable/piercing eyes.

Virgo: Beautiful book collections. Watercolor paintings. Creativity. Crushing on your best friend.

Libra: Doing little things to make others happy. Baking cookies. Springtime, where everything is blooming and becoming new. Patience. Giving someone way too many chances.

Scorpio: The butterflies you get when you see your crush. Giving it your all or giving none. Stoic behavior. Ever after by Marianas Trench.

Sagittarius: Driving in the car with the windows down. Girl gangs. The lone wolf. Rising tides. The ocean.

Capricorn: Black and white movies. Independence. Trying to hide laughter or a smile. Classic good looks.

Aquarius: The 1970’s. Roller skating. Night owls. Doing what you want because you feel like it.  

Pisces: Bubbles. LA. Palm trees. Marina and the diamonds. Milkshakes.

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Signs Born Under Summer, Spring, Winter and Fall

How Signs Shows Affection

Aries: Smothers you with kisses when you’re hurt and also ready to kicka@& for you. Passionately grabs you, dives into intimacy, speaks freely.

Taurus: Wants hugs and cuddles but doesn’t always initiate. Rubs your back when you’re upset as well as maybe cooks/offers you food. Stable.

Gemini: Encouraging with words. Likes to hold hands or play with your hair. Wants to make you laugh and get you to share. Teasing and attentive.

Cancer: Cuddly, huggy, make-out seshes in private. Listens, pulls you out of the way of danger, bathe/showers with you, sleeps holding you.

Leo: Embraces you warmly. Passionate kisses. Generous with words and gifts.Never let’s you frown.Tickle or pillow fights or maybe wrestling.

Virgo: Makes you a cup of tea to calm you down. Wipes away your tears. Hand holding. Tight hugs. Grooms you. Lays with you for a long time.

Libra: Light kisses, arm around you or holds your hand. Compliments and gifts. Always there for mental support. Teases you physically.

Scorpio: Bites your lip. Caresses your face. Meaningful eye contact. Pushes you to heal/transform when down. Kisses your forehead. Lick…

Sagittarius: Playfully poking you or tickling you. Makes you laugh when down. Tries to inspire or advise. Grips hard to bring you in close.

Capricorn: Unexpected affection. Kisses you in the rain but complains about it later. Will be tough so you don’t have to be. Helps you up.

Aquarius: Plays with your hand(s), traces parts of you, tells you not to worry when things get rough, picks your brain, makes you think.

Pisces: Kisses the tears away, shares secrets, always knows what to say to make you feel better, cuddling, hiding under the sheets with you.

Don’t forget to look at your Venus or Mars.

The Signs As Beautiful Things They Remind Me Of:


Aries: A Dangerous Beauty, The beauty of lava running down a volcano. The way the clouds look as if they’re glowing red above the destructive volcano. You wish you could touch the lava but you know that if you did, well… there goes your hand.

Taurus: A Warm Beauty, The way the sun sets and the warm feelings it brings. Imagine sitting in a meadow with the one you love, watching that sunset and having no worries in the world. You’re comfortable and content here.

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The signs finding out someone has crush on them;

Aries: hahahahahaha K!

Taurus: is this a joke or like naw

Gemini: wait what?

Cancer: omfg you serious?

Leo: well, who wouldn’t

Virgo: this is awkward bye

Libra: how cute aww

Scorpio: oh God why no!

Sagittarius: okay hahaha!

Capricorn: Stop that!

Aquarius: how do I respond to this situation?

Pisces:…….. I lie you too!! I think

What Is Something No One Understands About Each Sign

Aries– No matter how confident they appear, they constantly need reassurance that they’re doing okay. They want to know that their friends and family are proud of them. They thrive when those they love are proud.

Taurus– They are a lot deeper than they let on. They feel so much. They’re like the “parent” friend but they get tired of being so responsible all the time. Believe it or not, they love being taking care of.

Gemini– THEY’RE NOT THEIR STEREOTYPES!!!! Oh my god they absolutely are NOT their stereotypes. They care so much. They obsess over things very easily but it’s endearing. They’re the best communicators of the entire zodiac. Listen to them.

Cancer– Sometimes they can seem a bit selfish. They aren’t. Literally everything they do is for other people. Love is the most sacred thing in their lives. They’re at their happiest when they’re making their lovers and friends happy.

Leo– They’re waaaaay more emotional than they let on. They don’t like to express emotions for fear of seeming weak, but if they love you, you know it. They’re blunt as hell, and you may think it’s because they’re being mean but it isn’t. It’s because they want you to succeed.

Virgo– Similar to Leo, they are bluntly critical of their friends but only because they want you to be thriving. They are arguably the smartest sign. Listen to them. They also aren’t ALL neat freaks. Yes, some are. But not always. Their lives can best be described as “controlled chaos.” It works for them.

Libra– They’re so much more sensitive than they let on. They come off as the most confident of the signs though. They appear ditzy but they aren’t at all. They’re the signs that can be friends with anyone. If they ever appear “fake,” it isn’t because they are fake. It’s because they want peace, balance, and for everyone to be happy.

Scorpio– For goodness sake, they aren’t ALL dark and brooding and mean. They’re actually one of the most sensitive signs there is. They take things so incredibly personal. They’re made to laugh easily. Not nearly as intimidating as they appear to be BUT, that doesn’t mean they can’t become mean as HELL when they want to be.

Sagittarius– They don’t do well with emotions, only because they have so many inside of them. They don’t MEAN to come across as a victim, but they do sometimes. It’s only because they have a hard time with communication. They want someone who’s going to take care of them no matter how much they try to push you away.

Capricorn– They have such a guard up, but they’re so cute. God SO CUTE. They come across as the “class clowns” and it’s mostly because they are afraid of letting people get close to them. When they do get close to someone though, they’re incredibly smart.

Aquarius– They do want you to love them, no matter how distant they can seem at times. They’re the masters of making you think you know everything about them when you actually don’t. They give off a vibe that makes you feel comfortable enough to tell them everything about you. They’re great listeners, but they want someone to listen to them too.

Pisces– They can read your mind. Don’t even doubt it– they can. They tune in to your feelings, and they understand you more than you know. Take everything they say seriously, because every single one of them has immense wisdom beyond their years. But love is something they fear


The signs as siblings


  • gets annoyed easily by their sibling
  • lots of arguments but-
  • when they’re in a good mood they treat their siblings to a meal or spend lots of quality time with them


  • has lots of patience
  • does their siblings chores if they’re asked nicely
  • is admired/looked up to by their siblings


  • tries everything new with their sibling
  • is really kind and understanding towards them
  • can also be really cruel and petty if they’re annoyed at their sibling


  • gets really hurt when their sibling doesn’t make them feel loves
  • wants their siblings attention majority of the time
  • when they’re not in a good mood they don’t want to even talk to their siblings


  • blames their siblings for everything
  • says they are the only one who can bully their sibling and confronts anyone else who thinks otherwise
  • likes to tease their siblings over embarrassing memories


  • their siblings are jealous of them bc they’re the most loved child
  • rarely shares their own private life with their sibling
  • bond over small inside jokes


  • teaches their sibling how to be trendy
  • is always asking their sibling for favours but also returns them
  • holds long grudges


  • surprisingly don’t fight a lot with their siblings
  • but when they get into an argument it gets serious and a bit physical  
  • still loves their sibling a lot even if they don’t show it


  • is really reliable but can sometimes be a bit too childish
  • hates being clingy with their sibling
  • doesn’t get angry at their sibling, only disappointed


  • is basically a counsellor to their siblings
  • acts like they don’t like their siblings but actually loves them
  • the “mum” of all the siblings


  • always too busy to spend time with their sibling
  • ignores them most of the time
  • but when they hang out its really fun


  • always gets into trouble even if its their siblings fault
  • still takes responsibility for it because they’re the most mature one
  • in the end they still get along with their sibling more than the rest of their family and friends

[based on intuition/real people experience/general sign characteristics]

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Aries:  Anger

Taurus: Neglect

Gemini: Judgement

Cancer: Embarrassment

Leo: Failure

Virgo: Exhaustion

Libra: Betrayal

Scorpio: Depression

Sagittarius: Heartbreak

Capricorn: Loss

Aquarius: Misunderstandment

Pisces: Loneliness