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“Couples That Prefer To Keep Their Relationship On A Need To Know Basis: (Scorpio + Capricorn)…”

“Couples That Prefer To Keep Their Relationship On A Need To Know Basis: (Scorpio + Capricorn) (Sagittarius + Gemini) (Aquarius + Aries )”

“Taurus, Virgo, Pisces, Scorpio, Capricorn: When they really like you they make it their mission to…”

“Taurus, Virgo, Pisces, Scorpio, Capricorn: When they really like you they make it their mission to pay attention to every little detail about you. When they have eyes for you no one else exist.”


What The Zodiac Signs Should Focus On In 2018

  • Aries: being less afraid of “serious situations” and understanding they have the ability of overcome any hardship. you don’t have to run
  • Taurus: cutting out old habits and friends that impede improvement in favor of doing what’s comfortable
  • gemini: realizing knowledge is not always an acceptable substitution for emotions. finding people they can be their true selves with
  • Cancer: learning to see people for who they are, not for who you want them to be.

  • Leo: finding genuine people to give their affection to, learning to distinguish sincere compliments and attention from those who use flattery to get in your life with ill intentions
  • Virgo: finding ways to dispel some of that nervous energy that comes from the constant need to be better and be useful
  • Libra: figuring out what it is they are truly passionate about and applying their natural talents towards that, learning to be more consistent
  • Scorpio: realizing that some of the suspicion of others is just projection and becoming less afraid of their intensity
  • Sagittarius: allowing themselves to be more vulnerable with loved ones: the appeal of being the “fun loving friend” only lasts for so long
  • Capricorn: being more confident in their decisions, if anyone has planned for the future appropriately…it’s a capricorn
  • Aquarius: trying to live more in the moment. enjoy the small things and loosen up, and realize that other people know just as much, if not more, than you
  • Pisces: understanding that sometimes we create our own problems and learning to stand up for themselves instead of waiting for someone else to do so


My Top Ten Astrological Placements

Cancer Sun: Every Cancer sun I meet is a super hard worker, and seems to truly enjoy life. I don’t get where the cry baby thing comes from. The Cancer suns I know are always laughing and very positive! But will listen to your problems and not make light of them. Really great friends and coworkers.

Sagittarius Sun: These people are fun and always enthusiastic, although pretty flaky 😏

Aries Moon: Like a child with how they experience and express their emotions, but they literally cannot tell a lie. It’s very endearing!

Leo Moon: Biggest hearts. Great at making their friends feel better about themselves.

Leo Venus: Shows affection by showing you off. No passive aggression here.

Capricorn Venus: Takes love seriously and will show their affections by working hard overtime for their object of affection.

Gemini Mars: Hilarious. And likes to talk during sex.

Mars in 6th: Hard workers. They put their energy into service and self improvement. Very admirable!

Chiron in 9th: These people become infatuated with foreign places, people, and ideas. Many marry outside their culture.

Virgo AC: Great at organizing, and come off as cold at first but are super helpful once they get to know you!

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