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If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my- 

Aries: ability to make last-minute plans when a sudden urge to go out pops up, and my lack of patience for people who can’t decide where to go

Taurus: secret sensitivity under a tough layer of unflappability, and inability to focus on anything else when i’m in a bad mood 

Gemini: habit of distracting myself with random things that catch my eye, but demanding your attention nonetheless

Cancer: unexpected lashing out when i’m tired or stressed, then 1 hour later, my constant apologies to know if we’re still okay 

Leo: need for our relationship to be a whirlwind romance full of sweeping moments, love confessions and emotional rollercoasters

Virgo: need to be alone after minor work failures and also an intense desire for you to distract me from the pressing daily issues that haunt me

Libra: ability to spend a discretionary fund on vanity products and clothing within 30 minutes as a distraction from personal, deep-rooted issues

Scorpio: “you’ll never see me cry” mentality coupled with an expectation that you, too, would kill for our love, like I would

Sagittarius: reluctance to rely on you for anything and extreme discomfort when talking about deeper emotions

Capricorn: carefully planned scheduled and working routine that i will not abandon for an hour of spontaneous romance 

Aquarius: extremely friendly approach to romance because of my fear of opening up on a deeper level

Pisces: need to fully experience every human emotion ever and fluctuating emotional states depending on who’s around me 

Astrological Aversions | The Signs’ Pet Peeves

Aries: the repercussions of a rash decision
Taurus: “we don’t talk anymore” feels
Gemini: network connectivity issues
Cancer: having to throw out a beloved item from 2009
Leo: romantic songs bringing up past feelings
Virgo: realizing someone’s using them for personal gain
Libra: receiving the “We have to talk” text
Scorpio: someone asking them where they got their intel
Sagittarius: having someone force them to shut up/sit down
Capricorn: surprises where everyone stares at them
Aquarius: having their ideas stolen or invalidated
Pisces: strict schedules, rules and deadlines

security loving saturn in the houses: you year…

Saturn in the 1st: steady personal character
Saturn in the 2nd: material security
Saturn in the 3rd: refined thinking processes
Saturn in the 4th: a safe haven
Saturn in the 5th: authentic self-expression
Saturn in the 6th: controlled environments
Saturn in the 7th: strong, lasting bonds
Saturn in the 8th: permanent power
Saturn in the 9th: solid worldviews
Saturn in the 10th: an untarnished reputation
Saturn in the 11th: an independent way of living
Saturn in the 12th: spiritual guidance

Description for Libra Sun + Libra Moon [Info…

Description for Libra Sun + Libra Moon [Info Post about Sun & Moon Signs]

Aquarius rules the 11th House, so by having th…

Aquarius rules the 11th House, so by having this placement, you have a diverse group of relatable friends whom you share your visions with. Mostly virtual friends. You tend to join progressive groups, humanitarian causes, social progress organizations.

Description for Virgo Sun + Leo Moon [Info P…

Description for Virgo Sun + Leo Moon [Info Post about Sun & Moon Signs]

8th House Signs & the Phoenix Complex 🔥

💨 Your urge for personal transformation is:
Aries: Urgent
|| You are constantly looking for new ways to transform yourself, usually focused on self-gratification & energy restoration.
Taurus: Nonexistent
|| In you, the need for evolutionary change is blocked through the misuse of you immense willpower. “I will not change who I am!”
Gemini: Everflowing
|| You keep adjusting to the different opportunities you get to evolve, instead of growing in a straight line, you grow scattered or by leaps and bounds.
Cancer: Biological
|| It comes in karmic crises on which you feel as if you need to reform your psychological “foundations” in order to feel sane again.
Leo: Empowering
|| You are aware of your hidden nature, so you recognize your own potential to improve. You have the power to “shine a light” on yourself.
Virgo: Necessary
|| With Virgo in the 8th, you grow through mechanic processes of healing-and-bettering. Embrace the many opportunities you’re given to refine the self.
Libra: Hesitant
|| It’s difficult for you to change, because upon realizing the need for evolution, you wait until it’s the right time, the right place, the right feeling (…)
Scorpio: Natural
|| Evolving is part of your nature, as Scorpio rules the 8th. By mastering your fears, you gain power over the self, and you grow stronger & more powerful day by day.
Sagittarius: Welcomed
|| There’ll be several times you realize a need to reform your beliefs system in order to expand the self & evolve, and you offer no resistance to it. “Grow on!”
Capricorn: Steady
|| When presented with a life-changing situation, you keep caution and take time to ponder. Evolution must come slowly- and be beneficial, not a waste of time.
Aquarius: Unpredictable
|| Your need to revolutionize the self comes in waves, and when it does, it is frightening. So you tirelessly invest in the cultivation of the self.
Pisces: Traumatizing
|| Because in order to evolve, you have to tackle all the traumas, losses and fears that lie deep, hidden in your unconscious. Become aware of all your scars, so you don’t get destroyed but instead grow with them.

by Crystal Melbourne | Within the Zodiac

Bad traits by sign.



Competitive: Aries is competitive.The stiffer the competition, the more determined and competitive they`ll become.This trait makes Aries an excellent sports competitor.However they’ll so becomes obsessed with winning instead of playing the game.In life, Aries can lose friends because of their competitive nature.

Sexual Promiscuity: Ariens are extraordinarily charismatic and seductive but their need to conquer and a ferocious sexual appetite are out of balance.

Impatience: Nothing frustrates an Aries more than someone who can`t keep up physically or mentally.

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The signs and hugging


Hugs you tight: Aries, Cancer, Libra, Sagittarius.

Smiles against your chest: Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Aquarius.

Really wants to hug you but is too shy: Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces.

The signs and hugging

Hugs you tight: Aries, Cancer, Libra, Sagittarius.

Smiles against your chest: Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Aquarius.

Really wants to hug you but is too shy: Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces.