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Part is Aries need to do things at rapid speed is because they have a fear of stopping moving. They think if they stop moving something or someone is going to hold them back. Aries has a fear of being held down and they know if they keep moving forward that no one will be able to catch them.

Taurus has a habit of putting off projects until the last minute. They will usually procrastinate due to laziness. Taurus needs to learn to not put things off at the last minute because they do their best work when they do a little bit everyday instead of all at once.

Gemini has one of the most chaotic minds of the zodiac. Their brain is always raising and all over the place. Many are diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. A lot of people do not register how smart Gemini’s are because because they see the chaotic part so they discount the brilliance within.

Cancer usually has to fight to keep their family life intact and stable. Even though family is the most important part of their life, family does not come easy to Cancer. They have to work hard to create the family life they want.

Leo will often try to heal themselves through other people. They part of Leo that is insecure they will try to fill by giving other people confidence. Leo learns to love themselves and finds their own confidence by making people feel good about themselves.

Virgo is an extremely feminine sign. Even the males possess what society considers to be more “feminine” qualities. They are natural nurturers and caregivers and their movements have a delicate and graceful quality.

Libra sees other people as threats to their relationship. They have jealousy issues in both their friendships and romantic relationships. Libra has a fear that the people they are close to prefer someone else over them, so they try to keep people separated in order to keep protect their hearts.

Scorpio has a fear of letting other people in, yet they long to have a deep unity connection with people. Scorpio needs to learn that sometimes it is okay to take risks and let other people in because if it works out the reward will be worth it.

Sagittarius is the most optimistic sign of the zodiac. They create their own destiny by believing in optimism so hard. Your mind brings into your life what you believe and Sagittarius believes in joy and goodness.

Capricorn turns to work when they are having a difficult time with their families. In high school, if their home life is high pressure Capricorn will get a job in order to spend less time at home and feel that they are gaining power and independence through making their own money.